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Health cops won't relax until every last pleasure has been taken from us
Health cops like Fordham School of Business Professor Beth Vallen sometimes seem so out of touch. She took some rather edgy swipes at the new cherry-flavored Diet Coke Slurpee now available at 7-Eleven stores nationwide (actually, they've been removed from 7-Elevens nationwide because of freezing problems, but they'll be back): "I can't imagine that anyone would swap this beverage for a serving of fruit or vegetables and believe that they made an even swap." Swap? Swap for what, professor? If someone goes into a 7-Eleven, chances are they're not there to eat kale or tofu, or down a V8. In fact, I'm pretty sure when the Health Police are done taking down fast food (but not any time soon), c-stores like 7-Eleven will become the next logical targets for sanitization. (All that junk food under one roof ... oh my!) Until then, give Coke a thumbs-up for devising ways to keep the tailwind of momentum pushing soda just a little bit forward. Marketing doesn't die just because a few sad sacks want to bury every damned taste Americans pine for. A cherry-flavored Diet Coke Slurpee? Works for me.
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  2-cents Per Ounce Tax on Sugary Beverages: Will It Convince San Franciscans to Treat Soda Like Tobacco? - As with any policy, its effects will be somewhat unpredictable. But if it becomes a reality, the public health community will be watching very closely. “We’re looking forward to evaluating an actual sugary drink tax,” said Roberta Friedman, director of public policy at Yale’s Rudd Center, “and to proving that our best guesses are right.” Read.

General Mills Calls Cornell Cereal Study 'Absurd' and Responds with Its Own Study
A commentary by Tom Forsythe, vice president of Global Communications for General Mills - When should companies respond to poor research – and pseudo-science? It’s a difficult question. Sometimes it’s best to just let stuff go. Then again, sometimes it’s not. So this [study from Cornell] is getting a response. Because it’s absurd. Researchers at Cornell University recently published this: “In a study of 65 cereals in 10 different grocery stores, Cornell researchers found that cereals marketed to kids are placed half as high on supermarket shelves as adult cereals – the average height for children’s cereal boxes is 23 inches versus 48 inches for adult cereal. A second key finding from the same study is that the average angle of the gaze of cereal spokes-characters on cereal boxes marketed to kids is downward at a 9.6 degree angle whereas spokes-characters on adult cereal look almost straight ahead.” Really Cornell? I mean… we’ve never noticed – and we’re a cereal company. So we did a quick study of our own. Read.

Angry 'Friend of Putin' Wants to ban McDonald's 'poisonous food' in Russia
Daily Express - A leading Russian politician has called for the closure of all McDonald's restaurants in the country, in a tit-for-tat move after the US fast food chain temporarily shut their branches in the disputed Crimea region ... Firebrand politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who is widely viewed to have close links to President Vladimir Putin, called for McDonald's to halt serving "their poisonous food" in Russia. Earlier today, McDonald's suspended work at its three outlets in the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea, which was recently annexed by Moscow to widespread international condemnation ... Pro-Kremlin figure Mr Zhirinovsky called for McDonald's to shut all over Russia "so there is not a scent of them left", saying he was ready to lead a campaign to force the closure. Read.

Coke's Keurig Stake Cools Off Talk of Takeover
Bloomberg - Coca-Cola Co.’s investment has quickly driven bearish traders away from Keurig Green Mountain Inc. It will take a lot longer to see if Coke gulps down the rest of the coffee maker. Coca-Cola bought 10 percent of Keurig in February and said the companies are working together to make a system for producing single-serve cold drinks. The backing of Coke, the $168 billion beverage maker that’s been around for more than 100 years, undermines bets that have been made by short sellers such as David Einhorn. Since Coca-Cola took its stake, shares of Keurig have risen 34 percent as short interest dropped ... If Coca-Cola wants to acquire Keurig, it’s more likely to bid if Keurig’s stock price comes back down, according to Albert Fried & Co. Read.

As Probiotics Trend Spreads, Benefits Sometimes Diluted
ABC News - If it seems like probiotics are taking over your supermarket shelves, you're not just seeing things. The microorganisms of the moment are being advertised on labels for everything from hot sauce to instant coffee these days. But while the digestive and general health benefits of including probiotics in one's diet have been touted by health experts and doctors, not all strains and levels are created equal. So it's important to look beyond the fancy type ... "Because it has become all the rage, I’ve seen people selling probiotic floor wash, if you can believe that," said Nancy Van Brasch Hamren, of Nancy's Cultured Dairy & Soy. "I'm not sure what that would do." Read.

"The egg is the cheapest, most abundant source of animal protein on the planet. It’s incredible. When you really peel back the onion of the chicken egg, you see some pretty strange things. You see that it's a part of a system that's responsible for 18 percent of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. It's a part of a system that sees avian flu pop up 17 times in the last six months around the world ... Ninety-nine percent of those 1.8 trillion chicken eggs that are laid come from places that look like — imagine row upon row upon row of cages stacked on either side. Each one of those birds is fed lots of soy and lots of corn, laced with antibiotics. The soy and corn requires lots of land, water and fertilizer. That's why 70 percent of the cost of every egg actually comes from the feed."
Josh Tetrick, CEO, Hampton Creek Foods. Read.

"Really, what matters is understanding how people think. That’s the challenge in research. To get behind the scenes in people’s minds and see what matters to them and what linkages they draw between a product and who they are. That’s the way that we learn what information they really need to make the best choices for them. Our food industry is so complex and guided by too many different goals, so individuals need help to navigate it successfully ..... The core of what we’re trying to get at is what is important to people, what do they respond to and what do they understand. A big piece of the puzzle for consumers is education. Knowing what products are and what they are not."
Julie Stanton, associate professor of business, Penn State U. Read.

They Said It ...    
• “Sparkling waters, waters and healthier beverages are totally on the upswing. I don’t think it’s a trend that’s going to stop. Given the continual increase of attention on public health, you continue to see a growth and demand for a lighter, better-for-you drink.”
Dave Holmes, co-founder, Spiked Seltzer. Read.

• "We are living in an environment with sedentary lifestyles, poor-quality diet and highly processed foods that is very different from the one we are adapted to through human evolution. It is that difference that leads to many of the chronic diseases that we see today, such as obesity and diabetes."
Aaron Blaisdell, Department of Psychology, UCLA. Read.

• "Taco Bell has always had a knack for connecting with youthful customers. They rival any restaurant chain on social media, and put out the most unique content on websites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Their commercials appeal to all and are very clever."
From an article posted at Read.

"The last thing California needs is a confusing new labeling law that creates more red tape for businesses and places higher costs on families, right as our economy is slowly starting to recover."
Bob Achermann, executive director, California/Nevada Soft Drink Association. Read.

Video: Honey Maid Has a Pretty Cool Reply to All the Haters
Posted by Tim Nudd, Adweek - Advertisers who marketing are surprised by the haters no longer. In fact, I'd be willing to bet Honey Maid and Droga5 already had a plan in place for the video —a response to the haters (and supporters) of its ultra-inclusive "This Is Wholesome" ad—before the first spot (which now has more than 4 million views) even aired.

Around the 'Net —  
Starbucks Slashes Prices on Coffee
24/7 Wall St - For some reason, Starbucks Corp. has slashed prices on some coffee and coffee products between April 1 to April 7. The coffee shop chain did not give any reason for the decision. One possible explanation is the breakfast wars going on between McDonald’s Corp. and Taco Bell. McDonald’s has resorted to giving away fresh brewed coffee during the day. Among the Starbucks products discounted by 25% are coffee, accessories such as cups and related products such as syrups. Read.

Advertising, Marketing & Promotions —  
Hershey and USA Track & Field (USATF) Link Up - USA Track & Field (USATF) has signed a long-term partnership with chocolate giant The Hershey Company. The deal will focus, at least ostensibly, on a national youth activity initiative that features 'Run, Jump, Throw,' an educational programme developed by USATF and Hershey. Read.

Tyson launches new Angus beef promotion
Meat & Poultry - Tyson Fresh Meats is confident it can keep its "100% Satisfaction Guaranteed" brand promise. The subsidiary of Tyson Foods, Inc. is launching a new promotion which focuses on the Star Ranch Angus beef 100 percent commitment to consumers ..... “We’re completely confident in our products, and want our consumers to be confident that they will always have a great meal when they pick up a package of Star Ranch Angus beef,” said Rick Janke, brand manager for Tyson Fresh Meats. Read.

Agriculture & Commodities News & Trends —  
Wheat Fields See Worst Damage in 5 Years
AgWeb - It’s been a double-whammy winter for wheat farmers in the U.S. With drought already sapping soil moisture across the Great Plains, the biggest growing region, a polar vortex in early 2014 draped fields in a deep freeze, killing more plants than normal. Since crops began going dormant in November, conditions deteriorated by the most in five years. Read.

Categories & Products/ News & Reviews —  
'Coffee Flour': The Java You Can Eat
By Megan Garber, The Atlantic - Making coffee is a complex thing. Long before the stuff makes it to your cup/glass/comically large thermos, it must be converted—from fruit to bean. Doing that requires that the fruit (the "cherries") be harvested from "spindly, bush-like" coffee plants. The cherries must then be processed, their beans extracted from their pulp. The beans must then be dried, roasted, and otherwise converted into the thing most of us know as "coffee." ... Out in (yep) Seattle, there's a startup, CF Global, that is trying to reclaim the coffee cherry. Its big idea is this: to take the remnants of the process that turns the coffee bean into a beverage ... and turn them into food. The result of this? Coffee Flour, a food ingredient that's made from discarded coffee cherries. Read.

Commentary & News from Friends & Foes —  
GMOs: Opening a Can of Worms
Posted by Robin C. Koon, - The genetically modified (GM) foods controversy is a huge international debate regarding the use of food and other goods derived from GM crops instead of from conventionally grown crops ..... Although scientists are on both sides of this issue, the regulatory/industry scientific community have formed a consensus that GMO crops pose no greater risk than conventional food. This is primarily due to no documented reports of any ill effects in the human population from consuming GMO food ..... GMOs have been on the market for two decades (the first in the United States was the Flavr Savr tomato in 1994). But the controversy surrounding their use is certainly growing, since more U.S. consumers are asking for non-GMO products or at least products that are labeled as such. Read.

Company News —  
AMP Energy, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Create 'Dale Jr. Sour' - AMP Energy and racing star Dale Earnhardt Jr. have announced the debut of a new sour grape flavor, Dale Jr. Sour, available for a limited time at participating 7-Eleven convenience stores across the country starting on April 2 ..... "Like Dale Jr., consumers need real energy to take on whatever the day may bring," said Aziel Rivers, director of marketing for AMP Energy. "Working closely with Dale Jr., we created the new, unique sour grape flavor that we believe fans will reach for on race day or whenever they are looking for a boost of energy." Read.

Mόller Exec Cites Challenge of new product launches
Warc - New products often have less than two months to prove themselves in stores, putting pressure on brands to gather data showing their impact on categories and consumers at speed, a leading executive has argued. Henry Giddens Jr., director/consumer strategy and insights at Mόller Quaker Dairy's – a joint venture between PepsiCo and the Theo Mόller Group – outlined the challenge at the IRI Summit 2014 ..... "Retailers are starting to make calls six weeks after launch in terms of how you're doing and whether or not you're going to be around in six months," said Giddens. (For more, including how Mόller Quaker built its strategy for the US market, read Warc's exclusive report: How Mόller adapted to the American market.) Read.

• Cal-Maine Foods: Is It Worth Owning Right Now? /Motley Fool
• Kellogg Shares Jump the Most in Almost Five Years /Bloomberg
• Kroger Looks Impressive, Hits High /
• PepsiCo Seems to Be Sweeter Than Coca-Cola /

Consumer News & Trends —  
40% of mothers say alcohol helps them cope with parenting
Daily Mail - Nearly 40 per cent of mothers have admitted that alcohol helps them cope with the stresses of parenting when surveyed about their drinking habits. More than half (52 per cent) of those who responded to the questionnaire revealed wine as their favorite tipple, followed by hard liquor (23 per cent). Read.

Food Recalls —  
Tyson Foods recalls chicken nuggets, chicken pattie fritters
KY3 - Tyson Foods' plant in Sedalia, Mo., recalled approximately 75,320 pounds of frozen, fully cooked chicken nugget products that may be contaminated with extraneous materials, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced Friday ..... The problem was discovered after the firm received consumer complaints that small pieces of plastic were found in the products. The problem was traced to a product scraper inside a blending machine. Read.

Food Research, Studies & Surveys —  
Singapore Study: Drinking Coffee May Help Reduce Liver Cirrhosis Death Risk
The Health Site (India) - Researchers have said that consuming two or more cups of coffee each day reduces the risk of death from liver cirrhosis by 66 per cent, specifically cirrhosis caused by non-viral hepatitis. Lead researcher, Dr. Woon-Puay Koh with Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore and the National University of Singapore, said prior evidence suggests that coffee may reduce liver damage in patients with chronic liver disease. He said that their study examined the effects of consuming coffee, alcohol, black tea, green tea, and soft drinks on risk of mortality from cirrhosis ..... Findings indicate that those who drank at least 20 g of ethanol daily had a greater risk of cirrhosis mortality compared to non-drinker. In contrast, coffee intake was associated with a lower risk of death from cirrhosis, specifically for non-viral hepatitis related cirrhosis. Read.

Foodservice /Retail —  
Dunkin' Donuts 'tees up' iced tea flavors
Boston Globe - Dunkin’ Donuts, which looks to keep customers coming back for more partly by constantly changing its seasonal menu, said it is now “teeing up delicious new iced tea beverages to help guests stay refreshed all spring and summer.” One new offering, Iced Green Tea, will complement a line-up awash in fruity options, including blueberry, raspberry, and peach iced teas. According to Canton-based Dunkin’ Donuts, its new Iced Green Tea is infused “healthy antioxidants to help people feel renewed any time of day.” Read.

Foodservice /Vending —  
Obamacare's expensive nanny regulations hit vending machines
BizPac Review - The Obama administration finalized its regulation to require vending machines to post calorie information on all of its items on Thursday, a rule that will cost businesses as much as $40 million to comply. The regulation, which is mandated under Obamacare, requires virtually all vending machines to post nutrition fact signs in “close proximity to each article of food or the selection button.” The rule will go into effect in 2015 ... In order to offset the costs to the economy, the administration hopes that 0.2 percent of the obese population will eat 100 less calories per week. The administration admits it does not know what benefits, if any, the rule will have. Read.

Grocery Business —  
Appealing to Occasion-based Shoppers
A column by Dr. Matt Waller (left), Progressive Grocer - Grocery stores have a natural rhythm to them -- and most people generally stick to a routine day and time to do their grocery shopping. Different demographics come and go at different days of the week. Specific age groups map to different times of the day. And all these habits create patterns that grocery stores can plan around -- and take advantage of. But it's also important to understand what happens when rhythms are disrupted. This typically happens in a few ways:
1. Consumers who rarely shop at your store come to the store.
2. A certain demographic group comes to the store at a different day or time than usual.
3. A larger than normal amount of shoppers come to the store.
In the best case scenario, grocers are able to successfully sell into this buyer demographic. In the worst case scenario, they act like nothing is different, losing the opportunity to increase basket size and revenue. The surprising solution to this? Big data. Read.

Health & Wellness —  
New Study Finds Strawberries May Help Lower Cholesterol
PerishableNews (press release) - According to new published research in the Journal of Nutrition, consumption of anthocyanin-rich foods such as strawberries may play an important role in lowering cholesterol and other risk factors for cardiovascular disease. To evaluate the effects of strawberries on cardiovascular risk factors, researchers at Oklahoma State University conducted a 12-week study with a group of 60 overweight adults. Read.

Retail News —  
Why Walmart Still Has a Big Opportunity Online
Posted by Laurie Kulikowski, - It's apparent why Walmart must focus on growing its e-commerce strategy, and getting its customers comfortable shopping online. Same store sales at the world's largest retailer are suffering. U.S. same-store sales fell 0.4% for the Jan. 31-ending year. Growing U.S. e-commerce sales by 15%-20% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) could add 30 to 60 basis points to Walmart's annual comparable sales, as its share of U.S. sales increases from 2% to more than 3%, DeRise estimates ... DeRise notes just 19% of Walmart in-store shoppers shop at, compared to 53% of Walmart in-store shoppers also shopping, citing Kantar Retail data. Read.

Supplier News & Trends —  
Glanbia Nutritionals Opens New Processing Facility
BevNet/Press Release - Fitchburg, WI: Glanbia Nutritionals Inc., a global innovator in value-added protein, flaxseed, chia, and ancient grain ingredients, announces the official opening of its new food-grade Next Generation Grain processing facility in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Setting higher standards for food safety, product quality and ingredient innovation in grain and oilseed processing, the 63,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art ingredient plant produces industry-renowned MeadowPure quality flaxseed ingredients, as well as a growing portfolio of chia, quinoa and other ancient grain ingredient solutions. Read.

Trade Shows, Seminars, Expos & Conferences —  
SupplySide Show: The latest on the 9 hottest ingredients out there!
Supply Side Show - In an increasingly challenging global marketplace, formulators and marketers are looking for ways to differentiate their products. The Ingredient Marketplace Trends In stage (June 2-3, 2014, Jacob Javits Center) delivers critical market information across nine hot ingredient categories; get the latest market research on purchasing trends and sales, and discover examples of new products that illustrate how the ingredient is being used in the global consumer market. Taking place in the Expo Hall, these 30-minute presentations allow you to get data that can guide your purchasing and product development decisions, while keeping you on the show floor and connected with your team. Read.

FMI Energy & Store Development Conference Set for September 7-10 - FMI’s Energy & Store Development Conference is your chance to learn from the best in the food retail industry about energy-efficiency and conservation, as well as store design and merchandising. You will have the opportunity to ... discover new and emerging trends in design, merchandising and energy conservation. Read.

* Do you have a food industry event scheduled? Send details via e-mail to the Morning Cup

World Report —  
Australia: Yogurt and cereal: The new snap, crackle and pop?
Posted by Kacey Culliney, - Kellogg Australia reckons there’s a new breakfast cereal trend afloat as consumers replace traditional milk with yogurt or fruit juice, but Mintel’s innovation head says this is nothing new. Kellogg Australia conducted a “fun and light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek” campaign to coincide with April Fools that asked consumers in Australia how they ate their breakfast cereals – soggy or crunchy. Read.

Canada: Group should savor Turkey Torture victory - The video images are stomach-churning. Workers trying to kill turkeys club, kick and swing a shovel at them. The incident happened a few months ago in a barn at a farm in Bright, northeast of Woodstock, owned and operated by Kitchener-based Hybrid Turkeys, one of the world's leading turkey producers. The video was shot surreptitiously by a member of the Toronto-based animal rights group Mercy for Animals Canada, who had taken a job at the factory farm. Hybrid Turkeys' immediate response, when it was shown the undercover video, was to suspend four workers. This week, it announced it has fired one of those employees. This would seem to be a cause for celebration for the animal-rights groups that brought this to light. But instead of savoring its victory, the group has inexplicably dismissed the company's action as "too little, too late." That seems puzzling. Read.

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• Australia: Research Set To Protect Beer From Climate Change
• China's Hearty Appetite Could Mean More Food Deals
• Europe: Extinction Threatens One-Quarter of Europe's Bumblebees
• South Africa's Competition Watchdog Raids Unilever
• UK: Three Big Cereal Names 'Competing To Buy' Privately Owned Dorset

Thursday, April 3 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: Clear coffee? Not in my house!
• Oh-Oh, Stay Out of Crowded Elevators! New Cereal Brings Beans for Breakfast
• Study: Consumers More Likely To Buy Cereal If Character On Box Is Staring Directly At Them
• CMO Mark Addicks: Brand Purpose Drives Digital At General Mills
• Grocers Say GMO Labeling Would Increase Farm Costs
• Straight Dope: Canna Energy Hemp Oil Drink Scores Sales High
• Hitting The Mommy Juice Too Hard? Experts Warn Of Alcohol Abuse By Moms
• Kellogg Snack Brands Partner with Cal Ripken, Jr.
• Kozy Shack Names Official Grandma
• DuPont Whole-Farm Decision Service
• Marijuana: A Potential Cash Crop for Texas Farmers?
• Coke And Pepsi Face Off For World Cup Brand Win
• Gator Eggs To Start With California Crop
• 6 Popular Theories About Food That Have Not Yet Been Proven
• GMO Foods Have Caused Nary A Sniffle, Sneeze Or Bellyache
• Luxco Relaunches Purple Passion With New Formula and Packaging
• KonaRed Original and Organic Green Tea Zoom Into Nevada
• PepsiCo and MLB Properties Extend Longstanding Food and Bev Partnership
• Darden Uses Analytics To Understand Restaurant Customers /InformationWeek
• General Mills: Meet the mentor: General Mills SVP Kim Nelson /Mpls/St. Paul Biz Journal
• General Mills uses school box top program to build next-gen loyalty /Al Jazeera America
• General Mills: Wal-Mart Driving Growth For General Mills /Seeking Alpha
• Heinz updates barcode readers to prevent infant formula export errors /
• Monsanto posts strong second quarter, surging sales in corn /
• Tyson Foods Upgraded to Outperform at Zacks /Mideast Time
• Consumer Group Tells LeBron James: Drop McDonald's Sponsorship
• AdvancePierre Recalls Chicken Products
• Federal Criminal Charges Against ConAgra Still Possible Over Peter Pan Outbreak
• Woman Says Mystery Object In V8 Fusion Made Her Sick
• Lose Weight By Eating Chocolate? Scientists Identify The Secret Ingredient
• Purdue Students Show How to Innovate with Soybeans
• Here's Why the Fast-Food Breakfast Wars Are Raging
• UCLA Hospitals Serve Up Antibiotic-Free Beef And Chicken
• Starbucks Apologizes To Woman For Alleged Satanic Symbols In Foam
• Convenience Stores Hit Record In-Store Sales in 2013
• New Food Labels Provide More Guidance For Healthy Choices
• Sri Lanka: Halpι Tea Launches New Online Shop

Wednesday, April 2 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Are Single Cup Soft Drinks The Next Real Thing?
• Diageo in a Whiskey War In Tennessee; Protests State's Storage Law
• Former Kellogg CEO Carlos Gutierrez: 'Regulation is a Threat to the Food Industry'
• Americans Hit the Brakes as Soda Sales in U.S. Decline at Faster Pace
• Experts: Excess Sugar Consumption Leads To A Host Of Diseases
• UK Researchers: For Good Health, 10 Servings of Fruit and Veggies a Day
• Butter Is Good For You Again Even Though It's Never Actually Been Bad
• USDA Research Tradition Going Strong in the 21st Century
• White House Plan To Cut Methane Emissions Has Dairy Industry Support
• Maggots: The Perfect Protein Source For Animal Feed
• This Is How a Brand Loses Its Luster
• Ten Best Tasting Energy Bars Tested
• ConAgra Foods: 2007 Peanut Butter Recall Hanging Over ConAgra
• Mike's Hard Has a New Strategy, and It's All Digital
• Quaker Introduces Comprehensive 'Oats Nutrition And Technology Textbook
• Wrigley Develops Easy-To-Remove Chewing Gum
• Lifeway Foods Announces Record Fourth Qtr, 2013 Results
• On Surveys, Customers Prefer Restaurants That Offer Health Food
• April Fools'? Sonic Announces “Kale Cream Pie Shake”
• White Castle Plans Waffle Sandwiches
• Starbucks Pastry Makeover Hits A Glitch
• New Bill Could Make Michigan Roadkill Fast Food
• Oz Slimming Tea Introduces an Organic Detox Solution for Tea Lovers
• Balchem Corporation to Acquire SensoryEffects for $567m
• Sosland Purchasing Seminar Set for June 1-3 in Kansas City
• Australia: Parmalat Buys Australian Dairy Harvey Fresh
• Brazil: 'Ground Laid' For Dairy Drinks With Bits In Brazil
• India: Health Tops New Nestle MD's Agenda

Tuesday, April 1 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: Let's just keep our world clean without 'radicalizing' the process
• See-Through Java? Caribou Clear Removes Coffee's Dark Color
• UK Farmers: Consume Meat and Milk with Clear Conscience, Despite Climate Change Fears
• Trending: Maple Trees For Health: The Next Big Celebrity Craze?
• Humane Society Files To Dismiss Lawsuit Against California Egg Law
• USDA to Grandparents: Read Govt Bedtime Stories to Encourage Healthy Eating
• It May Take a Global Vegetarian Movement to Combat Climate Change
• Study: Organic Diet Does Not Reduce Cancer Risk
• U. Va. Student Sues State For $40 Million Over Being Jailed After Buying Water
• Peanuts Come Out of Their Shells to Promote ‘Powerful’ Properties
• Millennials, The Farmer's Friend
• Washington State U Researchers Introducing New Apple To Farmers
• Diet Drinks Raise Heart Concern In Postmenopausal Women
• Cow Farts Capture Capitol Attention
• Bimbo Announces US Plant Closure, 178 Jobs Axed
• Nestlι Boosts Travel Retail Beverages Presence with Nescafι Sharing Packs
• Wendy's Campaign Supports Foster-Care Adoption /MediaPost Communications
• Cutting Out TV May Improve Kids' Snacking Habits: Study
• Mars Chocolate Veteran Reid to Lead Company
• Fresh Express Recalls Expired Italian Salad For Possible Listeria
• Vita Foods Recalls Herring Fillets
• 3 Reasons the Red Lobster Spinoff Won't Save the Company
• Chick-Fil-A Is Outselling KFC With Fewer Restaurants
• Dunkin' Donuts Incorporates Loyalty Rewards Into App
• 8 Foods Dietitians Would Never Eat
• Sorry, Meat Lovers! Beef Prices Hit Record High
• Study Links Obesity to How Well We Digest Carbs
• Could P&G's Next Big Innovation Be Waffle-Scented Head & Shoulders
• Australia: Crunchy or Soggy? The Kellogg's Great Cereal Debate
• Japan Braces For Era Of Higher Taxes As Costs Of Ageing Society Rise
• Japan: You Can't Keep Killing Thousands Of Antarctic Whales For 'Science'
• UK: Brands Come Out From The Closet To Target LBGT Community

Monday, March 31 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: "Brinner" a new trend? Please, I've been eating breakfast for dinner for years!
• Oops! Diet Coke Slurpee Pulled From 7-11 Stores Nationwide: Didn't Freeze Properly
• ConAgra, Nestle, Schwan, Other Food Giants, Urge FDA to Ease Up on Proposed Trans Fat Ban
• Judge to ABC News: Defend ‘Pink Slime’ Smear to a South Dakota Jury
• US Meat Groups Lose In Bid To Block Country-Of-Origin Labels
• White House Looks To Regulate Cow Flatulence As Part Of Climate Agenda
• Video: “It May Be Possible to Have an Ethical Egg”
• "Food Babe" Slams Pizza Chains For Using MSG
• Pirates Announce New Partnership With Coca-Cola
• Catlett: Economics Drives Agricultural Decisions
• Whole Foods Plans to Brew Its Own Beer
• Coca-Cola Co.: Famous Coca-Cola Myths
• Kellogg Co.: NLRB Files Complaint Against Kellogg In Memphis Lockout
• Mondelez Int'l: Product Innovation Playing a Huge Role in the Company’s Success
• Why M&M's Are Made With Natural Coloring In The EU And Not The U.S.
• Dannon Yogurt Trying Hard to Stay in Game…But Plant-Based Dairy Still Winning!
• Salmonella Linked to Mexican-Style Cheese
• Breakfast Battle Heats Up: McDonald's Takes On Competitors with Free Coffee
• How Stores' 'Private Labels' Went From Cheap Goods To Premium Products
• A Million Jars Of Peanut Butter Dumped In New Mexico
• TV Linked to Poor Snacking Habits, Cardiovascular Risk in School Kids
• US Holds Its Nose As EU Makes A Stink About Cheese Names
• Brazil: Tyson Names President For Brazil Business

Friday, March 28 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: Tofu — The Most Vile Four-Letter Word in the English Language
• Pepsi Next Aims to Attract US, Canadian Consumers Wary of Sugar
• Mars New $270 Million Kansas Chocolate Plant Proof of America's Sweet Tooth
• Is Kraft Foods Going Au Naturale?
• Goya Foods Expands Global Reach with Four New US Facilities
• New Product Success Rate Higher Than Most Believe
• Video: California GMO Food-labeling Bill Clears State Senate Committee
• The Effectiveness of Taxing Sugary Sodas? Dutch Researchers Say It Works
• Wodka Vodka and Alibi extended to 12 US states
• Antibiotics in Agriculture is Changing
• The $13 Billion Coca-Cola Compensation Plan That Isn't
• Saputo Cheese to Close Wisconsin Dairy Plant
• Ag Gag Laws Are Bad For Markets
• Survey: Sustainability is Important to Most American Food Shoppers
• Can Organic Farming Save Us From Overexposure To Pesticides?
• The Terrible Truth About White Bread
• Consumers Hear Only Half The Story On Food-Borne Illness
• Processed Egg Products Unfit For Human Consumption
• Taco Bell Ads Star Real-Life Ronald McDonalds
• Chicago Aldermen Mull Plastic Bag Ban - Again
• Court Asked to Uphold California Ban on Cruelly Produced Eggs
• What's Consumer Reports Top Supermarket? Wegman's Trumps The Field
• Eating Peach May Slow Breast Cancer Growth
• Food Packaging Trends That Tread More Lightly on the Planet
• US Trade Group: Spending On Pets At All-Time High
• The Psychology of Sugar: An Interview with IFPC's Bill Holtgrieve
• Israel To Host World Dairy Summit 2014 In Tel Aviv
• Japan: Japanese Whaling Threatened By Customers' Lack Of Appetite
• Mexico: Study: 56 Percent of Mexican Adults Don't Exercise
• Russia: Officials Investigate Photo of Factory Workers Bathing In Cheese
• UK: Natural Balance Foods Launches Nakd "Sharing" Line
• UK: Overweight Seen As Norm: Medical Chief

Thursday, March 27 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• How Should Brands Choose Online Influencers?
• Motley Fool Analysis: Can General Mills Sustain Its Momentum in a Tough Environment?
• Confusing? Marketers and Consumers Have Different Views on Meaning of 'Brand Purpose'
• Cereal Flake Size Influences Calorie Intake
• Food Business News Ranks Meat And Poultry Industry's Largest Companies
• The Rise and Rise of Dr Praeger's Sensible Foods
• E-Mail: Reader Wonders if EU has a Double Standard
• A Look at Obscure Food Trends
• Cuisinart and Bevyz Sign Agreement to Market Premium Multi-Drink System
• Amy's Kitchen Invests Nearly $100 Million To Establish Goshen, NY, Facility
• Cargill To Outsource IT Services; 900 Jobs Affected
• McCormick Sees Early Signs Of Turnaround
• Nestlι Waters Chairman, Sustainability Advocate Kim Jeffery To Speak At Smeal
• Quorn Serves Up Mobile App To Provide Food Inspiration
• Sunkist Positions Itself As Co-Op With Family Stories Microsite
• Why Are Students Protesting Wendy's and Publix?
• South Dakota Bumps Missouri from “23 Major Dairy State” List
• Stanford Study on Raw Milk Digestibility: Conflicting Interpretations
• CDC Posts Surveillance Data on 32 Types of Salmonella Isolates
• Hard Rock Cafe Shines The Spotlight On Newly Redesigned Menu
• Tennessee Legislature Delays Action On New Whiskey Law
• 'The Walking Dead'-Inspired Beer Made With Real (Goat) Brains
• Greg Gumbel To Keynote at United Fresh 2014 in Chicago
• Is This The End Of The Microwave Oven?
• Canada: Procter & Gamble Subsidiary Pulls Out Of Quebec Market
• China: Nestlι Opens China Institute for Food Safety
• India: Capri-Sun Enters India With Its Beverages For Kids

Wednesday, March 26 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: The incredibly dumb campaign against American cheesemakers
• Food Police Warning: 'Four Ways Greek Yogurt's 'Ecological Nightmare' is Destroying Our Planet'
• U of Miami Study: Sad Consumers Exposed To Unhealthy Food Ads Think Twice About Indulging
• Catching up to Customers
• James Moll's "Farmland" Documentary Slated to Hit Theaters Nationwide
• Beekeepers, Experts Discuss Whether Honey Has Sweet Effects On Allergies
• Coffee Spread Dampens Arabica Bean Demand, As Asian Robusta Heats Up
• Whisky Set To Battle US Spirits Decline
• Coca-Cola Disputes Investor Claims Over Exec Pay
• Keurig Green Mountain Funds Four Organizations with Water Commitment
• Phusion Projects Ceasing Production Of Caffeinated Four Loko
• New FDA Food Label Rules Ignore the GMO Elephant in the Room
• Consumers Are Making Room For Whole Grains
• Burger King Taps Unilever Marketer To Unify Global Branding
• Health Treatment for Cows May Aid Food Safety
• Pizza With A Side Of Profanity: Hispanic Marketing Hits A New Low
• Waffle Taco vs. Egg McMuffin: It's Not Even a Fair Fight
• Illinois Lawmakers Sour On Sugary Beverage Tax
• Kentucky Bill Takes Aim At Animal-Rights Videos At Farms
• Kroger, Cincinnati Reds Create New Brand
• Safeway Is Latest Buyout Target as Grocer Consolidation Continues
• Bitsy's Brainfood Launches First-Ever "Smart" Cereal for Kids
• Hammond's Candies Turns Whoopie Pie Into a Chocolate Bar
• S&D Beverage To Launch New Milk Flavoring MilkSplash
• InterBev Beverage Trade Show Goes In New Direction
• Slow Food Movement Speeds Up Sustainable Eating
• Brazil: A Redesigned Food Pyramid That Kids Can Actually Understand
• Canada: Costco Chicken Strips Warning Over Listeria Concerns
• China: Cultural Brawl Brewing Between China And Taiwan Over Tea-Flavored Egg

Tuesday, March 25 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: GMO-free Cheerios fails to 'lift' sales numbers
• PepsiCo Exploits 'Demand Spaces'
• Foodservice Breakfast Boom Benefitting Michael Foods: CEO Calls Trend "Exciting"
• Melt Wars: Is This Humble Dish The Next Gourmet Pizza?
• Science Compared Every Diet, and the Winner Is No One
• US Coffee Industry Threatened By Energy And Sports Drinks
• Kobe Bryant Invests Millions In Sports Drink BodyArmor
• GM, Organics Can Coexist: Farm Bureau
• Milwaukeeans Petition to Bring Pabst Brewing Company Home
• McKee Foods Gives Over $1 Million To The Outdoor Happiness Movement
• Pepsi-Lipton Tea Partnership: Pure Leaf? Iced Tea Partners With Food & Wine
• Can Connecting Cows To The Internet Boost Milk Production?
• Farming In America: 'There's A Growing Discontent'
• General Mills' New Cheese Crisps Were Created In A North Shore Cabin
• The Real Threat to Monster Beverage
• General Mills Commits to Deforestation-Free Palm Oil
• Has Soy Lost Its Sparkle? Not From Where We're Standing, Says DuPont
• Minnesota Company Recalls Several Food Products Due to Listeria
• Wisconsin Farmers Fight To End Federal Food Vouchers' Snub Of Potatoes
• Walmart Now Has Six Types of Stores
• Biochemist Claims She Cured Daughter's Autism With MSG-Free Diet
• Rold Gold Brand Launches New Pretzel Thins
• A Day in the Life of the American Snacker
• Australia: Mineral Water, Mixers On The Rise, Soft Drink Consumption Declines
• Europe: MEPs Say GMO In Honey Without Labelling Is OK
• France: French Parliament Pushes 'Junk-Food' Tax
• UK: It's The Future! Vending Machine Replaces Village Shop

Monday, March 24 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: The ABA is winning some battles but facing a foe who won't be dissuaded
• The War on Childhood Obesity: How Hispanic Culture is Contributing to Infant Obesity
• PepsiCo Set To Enter At-Home Carbonation Market With Bevyz
• Unilever's $2 Billion Ragu Auction Said to Lure Hormel, Smucker
• Wal-Mart's New Tool Gives Competitors Prices
• Video: WikiFoods Develops Edible Packaging For Stonyfield Frozen Yogurt
• New Fork Adds 21 Different Flavors to Your Favorite Foods Instantly
• Rising Cost Of Breakfast: You'll Need To Bring Home More Bacon To Buy Bacon
• 80 Million Americans Have Never Heard of Hummus
• Pepsi Will Pop if Mountain Dew Baja Blast Breaks Out From Taco Bell
• Teenage Drinkers Go For High-End Liquor And Cheap Beer, Too
• Gum Sales Face Sticky Situation
• US Class Action Slams 'Chemical Coke' For Phosphoric Acid Use
• Stern Parents More Likely To Have Obese Children: Study
• Older Drivers May Be Impaired After Just One Drink
• Record Milk Prices Squeezing Starbucks
• Chipotle Exec Hints At Future Seafood Products At Boston Show
• Five Guys Burgers And Fries Plans For Global Expansion
• Wendy's Introduces New Salad Collection: Healthy And Nutritious
• Scientists: Eating Too Much Salt Speeds Up The Aging Process
• Hood Cottage Cheese Introduces New Garden-Inspired Flavors
• Teatulia Organic Teas Launches New Line of Iced Teas
• Canada: Loblaws Purchase Of Shoppers OKed If It Sells Some Stores

Friday, March 21 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• How To Appeal To The Millennial Palate
• University of Minnesota Survey: Americans Don't Want Soda Tax, Size Restrictions
• Oprah Teams Up with Starbucks and Creates Her Own Tea Line: Teavana Oprah Chai
• Editorial: No Need For A Trade War Over Cheese
• Why Are Ivory Tower Types In Charge Of Food Choices For Millions Of Americans?
• How A PepsiCo Flavor Partner Senomyx Fooled Wall Street And The Press
• Video: Nabisco's Gay-Inclusive Honey Maid/Teddy Grahams Commercial Slammed
• Why Inflation Is A Hard Swallow For Food Companies
• Taco Bell Runs Naughty TV Ad For 'Happier Hour'
• Dairy Exports: US Must Take The Next Steps
• How California's Drought Is Changing Organic Milk And Honey
• Can This Ridiculously Fancy Glass Make Your Coca-Cola Taste Better?
• John Morrell Food Group Begins Partnership with Nathan's Famous
• Kellogg Company Named a World's Most Ethical Company
• Why You Really Shouldn't Trust the USDA
• Human Nose Can Sniff Out One Trillion Distinct Odors, Say Scientists
• Arabinoxylan-enriched Foods for Diabetes Control?
• Starbucks Lauded for Standing Firm in Defense of GMOs
• Feds: All Rancho Feeding Corp. Meat Is Banned
• Ice Cream Recalled Over Listeria Fears
• Red Robin Now Serving New Wine-Spiked Milkshake
• White House Pastry Chef Didn't Quit Because Michelle Obama Is Anti-Cream
• Anheuser-Busch Picks Hard Cider As New Beverage
• Texans Turn To A New Kind Of Spirit, Salty Vodkas
• Australia: Comedians Join Anti-Cage Eggs Campaign
• China: Suntory To Launch China Joint Venture
• Russia Plans Own Organic Food Certification
• UK: Is 'Bean To Bar' The Next Big Thing In Chocolate?

Thursday, March 20 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: Hey, Hormel, be careful when tinkering with an American treasure
• Jim Beam Acquisition Helps Japan's Suntory Latch Onto US Bourbon Craze
• Kellogg's Eggo Bites: New On-The-Go Breakfast Option for Busy Moms, Families
• General Mills Putting Pedal To The Metal In Yogurt
• Don Corleone Brand Liquor? Italians Miffed About Mafia-named Foods
• Chefs, Docs Split On Health Risks Of Eating Fats
• Sprite, LeBron James Team Up For Sprite 6-Mix Drink
• Gillibrand Fights to Keep New York's USDA Offices Open
• ConAgra Foods Closing Carriage House Plants in New York State
• General Mills Profits Down On Weak Sales
• Heinz Is Latest Target In New Wave Of False Advertising Lawsuits
• SodaStream Steals a Play Out of Keurig's Playbook
• The Law That Makes It Illegal to Report on Animal Cruelty
• Humans May Have Two Distinct Cognitive Systems
• Object Found Floating In Bowl Of Campbell's Soup ID'd; Not A Chicken Embryo
• FDA Allergen Alert - Simply Lite Chocolate Recall
• No Price Hike Planned At Starbucks: CEO
• School Lunches Become a Lobbying Battleground
• GMO Labeling Bill Likely Derailed In Florida
• 13 Reasons Why HEB Is The Best Grocery Store In America
• Obesity Genes? Fried Foods Worse For Some People
• Five Hot Food Trends in 2014
• Colombia: Nestlι Brand to Enter Colombian Market
• Philippines: Soda Ban In Schools Has Unintended Consequences

Wednesday, March 19 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: Great news! SatFats Okay to Consume ... Let's Wait for Hounds of Hell to Weigh In
• Scientists: 'No Evidence Eating Saturated Fat Increased Heart Attacks'
• Researchers: Preference For Sweeter And Saltier Tastes Linked To Each Other In Children
• Hormel Foods Serves up New Island-Inspired SPAM Teriyaki
• State Senator Rice: Idaho Dairy Abuse Video Was Staged
• Why Emotional Ads Can Be Bad For Brand-Building
• Farmers Can Claim Ethical High Ground
• US Consumers Have A Growing Love For Wines
• Pepsi: We Will Try To Make Sure Suppliers Uphold Land Rights
• Build Your Brand by Cultivating Controversy
• Climate Change Could Reduce Crop Yields Worldwide By 2030
• Gourmet Jerky Company Recalls Product
• McDonald's Protests Expected In 30 Cities Across The US
• Burger King to Add Mobile-Phone Payment at U.S. Locations
• Is Whole Foods Actually Caving to GMO Companies?
• Why Orange Juice, Bacon And Coffee Are Getting Pricier
• New Pringles Tortillas Give Partygoers The Choice To 'Dip 'Em Or Don't'
• Australia: Are We Looking Less Like Americans?
• Europe: Coca-Cola Enterprises CEO: 'We'd like to buy more brands like Capri Sun'
• UK Dairy Bosses Welcome New Sat Fat Study

Tuesday, March 18 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• CEO Dan Cathy Wants to Put Gay Marriage Flap Behind Chick-fil-A
• Keurig Green Mountain Ends Arrangement with Starbucks
• Technomic: Demand for Snack Opportunities on the Rise
• ACLU, Other Groups Sue Idaho Over Ag-Gag Law
• Sugars Found in Tequila may Protect Against Obesity, Diabetes
• Video: The 3 Things Consumers Want
• Scarlett Johansson Says She Has No Regrets About SodaStream Deal
• Yahoo Debuts 'Motion Ads' With Cheesy Kraft Promos
• PepsiCo: Mountain Dew Partners Latest X-Men Film In Global Campaign
• 2014 Farm Bill: Farmers Still Waiting For Answers As USDA Figures Out Rules
• Congress Members Protest USDA's Proposed Poultry Inspection System
• Craft Beer Volume Neared 8% In 2013
• Campbell Soup: Inside Campbell Soup's Product Development Process
• How Not To Fall For Bogus 'Green' Claims
• B&G Creates New Leadership Role For Snacks
• The Latest Grocery Battle: GMO Salmon
• Food Ingredients: Trade Secrets vs. Public Disclosure
• Fast-Food Fizzle: McDonald's Gets Back to Basics
• Jack Daniel's Opposes Changing Tennessee Whiskey Law
• New Reason to Eat Oats for Heart Health
• Chocolate Fried Chicken & Third Wave Junk Food
• Mercy Nutraceuticals Launches Productivi-Tea
• Plastic Packaging Better At Saving Energy And Reducing Emissions
• Krispy Kreme Bets On Smaller Model, Retail Coffee Platform
• China: Want To Crack China's Cereal Market? Try Weetabix With Green-Tea Tang
• China: Boreal Water to Debut at China's Largest Food Show in May

Monday, March 17 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: Eating cheese on my way to the afterlife? No thanks!
• Nelson Peltz Peeved; Wants PepsiCo's Directors to Meet Investors Without Nooyi Present
• U.S.-Europe Panel Looks For Standard Definition Of Whole Grain Foods
• Rogers Family Coffee Files Lawsuit Against Keurig Green Mountain
• Trouble Drinking Milk? Try A New Cow Breed
• War In Canada: Grocery Stores Battle For Shoppers, And Customers Are Winning
• Diarrhea Virus Now Killing Pigs in 27 States
• National Pork Board CEO: Families Want Tasty, Safe, Affordable Pork
• US Apple Assn Updates Logo, Begins Brand Initiative
• US Potato Board Gets Aggressive On Health Messages
• Frava Makes Midwest Push, Scores Distribution Deal with Target
• General Mills Forecasts 3Q Earnings Miss
• Just Born and Yankee Candle Debut New PEEPS Marshmallow Chicks Candle
• Keurig Green Mountain and Peet's in K-Cup Partnership
• Why The EU Should Allow US Cheesemongers To Steal Names
• 2014: Consumers Not Confident
• The Animal Welfare And Antitrust Issues Behind America's Cheap Meat
• Kirkland Signature Real Sliced Fruit Recalled Due to Possible Health Risk
• Stealth Ads: How Restaurants Are Building Customer Loyalty On YouTube
• Quizno's Bankruptcy Yanks Chain's Future Into Question
• Yum! Leveraging Lessons From Subway, Chipotle
• Soybean Export Subsidy Spurs GMO Debate In Virginia
• Cereal Food Processors Of Mission Woods Agrees To Be Purchased
• Daisy Cottage Cheese Adds Colored Lids To Its Packaging
• Starbucks Is Already in Front of the Next Big Trend in Retailing
• Australia: Milk War Looming As Dairy Demand Grows
• Canada: Canadian Whiskey Firm Bought By Italians For $186 Million
• UK: GM Crops Safe And Could Be Better For Us, Chief Scientist Says

Friday, March 14 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: People of Europe, you're friggin' kidding, right?
• Nestle Sets Up a 'Small and Nimble' Silicon Valley Outpost; Wants to Cozy-Up to Startups
• "The China Market" Has Become "The China Global Demographic"
• Lean Cuisine Sales Continue To Plunge As Consumers Shun Frozen Dinners
• Soda Taxes Don't Cut Obesity, Drive People To Other Sugars
• The Next Big Growth Driver: Social Consciousness?
• How Consumable Brands' TV Ads Performed In 2013
• How To Remain Invisible To Consumers: Mistakes Marketers Make
• Study: Honeybees Spreading Disease To Bumblee Population
• Diet Coke Is High on Its New Slogan
• Keurig Named Single Serve Coffee Maker Brand of the Year in 2014
• Report: Sales of Home Soda Machines Grew 30 Percent in 2013
• Cape Cod Launches Ridiculously Good Popcorn
• Lindt Unveils Multi-Million Dollar Expansion Plan in US
• Alkaline Water Co. Partners With Smart & Final Stores
• If Vegans Ruled the World
• Milking A New Controversy
• California Losing Dairies, Cows
• Sodexo Food Service Company Supports “Let's Move” Initiative
• McDonald’s Workers in Three States File Suits Claiming Underpayment
• McDonald's Needs To Win Back Breakfast Or Else
• Taco Bueno Launches Big Things for Taco Lovers
• 'Love Hormone' May Help Anorexics Fight Food Fixation
• Rumble Shakes Things up in Its US Debut in Alumi-Tek Bottles
• Americans Spent A Record $55.7 Billion On Their Pets Last Year
• Coffee Shopper Insights to Help Convenience Stores
• Study Suggests Link Between Soy Formula and Seizures in Autistic Children
• Canada: PepsiCo Launches Stevia-Sweetened Cola In Canada
• Indonesia: Japan's Suntory Tests Coffee In Indonesia

Thursday, March 13 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: Kick Chick-fil-A out of Irvine, California? Yes, because it-it's too popular!
• There's No Place Like Home: Gatorade Brings Propel Back Into the Family for a Relaunch
• Stonyfield Farm Delivers the Ultimate Eco-Move: Frozen Yogurt in Edible Containers
• NPD Report: Consumers Eating More Breakfast Away From Home
• U.S. Senate Warns Europeans to Stop Food Fight Over Dairy Names
• Sugar Is More Harmful Than Marijuana, Americans Say
• ALDI Reveals 2014 Fan Favorite Foods
• Neighborhood Grocery Stores Combat Obesity, Improve Food Perceptions
• Shifts in the Adult Beverage Market Signal More Intense Competition
• Getting A Grasp On Meat Labels
• American Pop Corn Co.: 100-Year-Old Jolly Time Pop Corn Offers Kernels of Wisdom
• Diamond Foods Targets Snack Innovation with its Latest New Products
• Hillshire Upgrades Its Ball Park Hot Dog
• Johnsonville Opens Innovation Center In Chicago
• Mondelēz Commits To Well-Being Effort
• Nestlι Focuses On Healthy Reduction In Commitments Review
• Newman's Own Introduces Greek Nonfat Yogurt
• Schreiber Foods Sells Printing Division In Missouri
• Meet the Radicals Creating the New Federal Dietary Guidelines
• Fake Sugars that Kill: A New Warning about Artificial Sweeteners
• "Eating Dangerously:" After Deadly Food Outbreaks, Here's What You Should Know
• FDA Shuts Down Roos Foods Cheese Plant Over Listeria Outbreak
• Fruit Juice Derived From A Flower Could Be An Alternative To OJ
• HEB Grows Its Organic Food Options
• Starbucks CEO Slams Activist Investors
• Starbucks' New IPhone App Could Fatten Baristas' Wallets
• Tim Hortons: Stealthily Ahead of Industry Trends
• Europe: Nano Food Definition Sent Back To The Drawing Board
• Europe's Fear Of US Hormone Meat, GM Food Sows Divide In Trade Talks

Wednesday, March 12 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: German backpacker lost in Australia's Outback the new poster boy for bug-eaters
• British Study says Children are Eating Unhealthy Amounts of Salt
• Food Fight Starting Early Over School Lunch Rules; Some Politicians Angling for a Rollback
• IRI Announces Most Successful CPG Brands of 2013
• Kentucky Bans Cruel Veal Crates!
• What's The Upside Of Feeling Too Sad For Chocolate?
• They're Grrrreat! How Do Brands Create Loyalty That Lasts A Lifetime?
• Sweet Deception: The Skinny On Sugar Substitutes
• Green Mountain: With Keurig 2.0, Green Mountain Wants Its Monopoly Back
• PepsiCo: Why PepsiCo Doesn't Need SodaStream
• Snyder's of Hanover Introduces New Pretzel Spoonz
• SOS Rehydration Drink Releases Research Study on Sugar in Sports Drinks
• Birds Eye Vegetables Teams Up with Disney to Kids Eat Healthy
• Nestlι Wants To Empower More Women To Work In Engineering
• Empowered Consumers Are More Likely To Switch Brands
• New Book About Caffeine Generates Buzz
• Consumer Groups Sue FDA Over Mercury in Seafood
• Spinach Extract Could Help Prevent Obesity, Says Study
• Raw Milk Doesn't Help Lactose Intolerance, Study Shows
• Wine Found To Reduce Death By Diabetes
• Brighter Future Ahead For U.S. Food And Beverage Manufacturers
• Krispy Kreme's Secret Growth Recipe (It's Not Paid Ads)
• Starbucks' Disneyland Store Is Surprisingly Classy
• Canada: Horsemeat - Unsafe for Human Consumption
• Europe: EU Seeks To Ban US Products From Using European Cheese Names
• Middle East: Applebee's eyes 55 to 60 outlets in Middle East

Tuesday, March 11 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: Meat is cigarettes? Bogus science continues to plague the planet
• Education or Total Baloney? Dietitians Turn to Snack-makers for Essential Classes
• Breakfast in A.M....and P.M. Too? Introducing Brinner: Breakfast for Dinner is a Trend
• Chiquita, Fyffes Agree To Merge, Creating Largest Banana Company
• Monster Energy Loses Round One in San Francisco Lawsuit
• Mars Plans To Fully Trace Palm Oil
• A Day in the Life of a Research Chef
• Texas Distillery Pioneers Black-Eyed Pea Vodka
• What America Can Teach the World About Defeating Obesity
• Lipton Wins Big At Academy Awards
• What Is Teff, The Latest Superfood Via Ethiopia?
• US Cocoa Flavanol Health Claim Nears But 'Not Quite There Yet'
• Coca-Cola Chief's Pay Package Down By Third
• Island Abbey Foods: New Innovation Announced By Island Abbey
• Can Monster Energy Drink Really Kill You?
• You Won't Believe What Anti-GMO Activists Are Forcing on Starbucks
• Are Texting Parents Bad For Kids? Hold The Smart Phone
• Cutting Kids' Cholesterol Is A Family Affair
• No Lie Can Live Forever: Predicting a Vegan America by 2050
• Healthy Chillers the Perfect Kids Menu Beverage
• Pizza Chain Sbarro Files For Bankruptcy Again
• Survey: Consumers Expect To Spend Less On Dining Out In 2014
• Dairy Queen Debuts Mint Oreo Royal Shake
• McDonald's Sales Decline As Chain Looks To Adapt To Changing Tastes
• Subway To 'Shout Louder' About Health Credentials
• US Senators Demand Kellogg Acts Fast To End Memphis Lockout
• Harris Poll Examines Consumer Confusion Over Grocery Labels
• Juicing Diet Gets Mixed Reviews
• Vegetarian Or Omnivore: The Environmental Implications Of Diet
• America's Most Iconic And Nostalgic Snack Foods Will Fight It Out
• Consumer Report Applauds Chick-Fil-A, Publix
• Ireland: One In Five Primary School Pupils Overweight
• UK: Why Tired Morrisons is Mired in a Mess

Monday, March 10 Morning Cup  Read This Issue
• Bob: When will some kid sue her parents for stuffing her with junk food?
• Canadian Study: Teen Energy Drink Consumption Linked To Depression, Substance Abuse
• Gotta Have It! Oscar Mayer Brand Helps Bacon Lovers Wake Up To The Smell Of Bacon
• Safeway, Albertsons Merge to Take On Fast-Changing Grocery Industry
• Alabama Joins Lawsuit Over California's New Egg Policy
• More Than 1 Million Kids Skip Michelle Obama-Planned School Lunches
• Grubs Up! Why Insects Are The Food Of The Future
• Who's Who in Sustainable Palm Oil Sourcing
• UC Davis Establishes Center For Coffee Study
• MLS Inks Deal With Kraft Foods
• New Sugar Recommendations Come To Less Than A Soda Per Day
• Hain Celestial Springs Into Innovation at Natural Products Expo
• Why Brisk Iced Tea Is Betting Big On Content And Culture
• Why Supermarkets Are Failing The Older Shopper
• Battle Over GMO Labeling Rumbling In US
• Orange Juice Recalled In 6 States Due To Milk-Mixing Error
• Skittles Contamination Report Unfounded Says Indiana Officials
• McDonald's Considers Offering Pastries On Breakfast Menu
• Kroger's Simple Truth Simply Astonishing
• 'The Starbucks Way': Embrace Rituals as Reinforcements of a Corporate Brand
• Oreo Vending Machine 3D-Prints Trending Flavors
• Canada: Nature's Fare Markets to Carry Natera Hemp Superfood Line
• Canada Bans Gestation Crates for Pregnant Pigs
• France: Danone Could Spend Medical Nutrition Cash On Baby Food, Dairy Deals
• Latin America: Consumers Yet To Wake Up To Sustainable Foods

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