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Every worthy act is difficult. Ascent is always difficult. Descent is easy and often slippery.

Mahatma Gandhi


Leading Off. . .     
'The Fear Babe' Book Review: Taking On The Merchants Of Food Fear
Vani Hari has been successful at times in bullying major food companies to make changes in their offerings, not based on real issues but on the angst she has been able to generate
Commentary by Steven Savage at
- Fear has always been an effective tool for exercising influence in society, but the internet age has enabled fear-based marketing to move to a whole new level. This is particularly true when it comes to generating fears about food as a means to sell alternatives, supplements and various magical offerings (woo). One of the most successful and egregious examples of this phenomenon is Vani Hari, the self proclaimed “Food Babe.” There is a new book coming out on Thursday the 29th titled “The Fear Babe.” The book executes a thorough take-down of Hari’s claims, methods and business model. The content is well described by the sub-title: “Shattering Vani Hari’s Glass House.” ..... Vani Hari has a degree in computer science and once worked for a large consulting firm. She has no background in nutrition, toxicology, medicine, or agronomy, but has no qualms about pontificating on almost any issue or about giving advice for how people should protect themselves from what she paints as an sinister, unregulated and callous industry. Read.

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Cheesecake Factory
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Mark Bittman - Cookbook author, lecturer at UC Berkeley
Goldman -  Founder of Honest Tea
Hirshberg -  Chairman of Stonyfield Organic
Phil Lempert
The SupermarketGuru. Reports on food and retail trends and consumer behavior.

Marler  - Partner at Marler Clark - the Food Safety Law Firm
Moss - Pulitzer Prize winning reporter for NYTimes. Author of Salt Sugar Fat, Tormentor of food corporations
Marion Nestle - Professor, Dept of Nutrition, Food Studies, & Public Health, New York University
Dean Ornish, MD - Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCSF and Founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute
Michael Pollan - Author of Cooked; Food Rules; In Defense of Food; The Omnivore’s Dilemma, etc.
Michelle Simon - Author, speaker, and consultant on the politics of food and alcohol.
Tetrick - CEO & Founder of Hampton Creek
Brian Wansink - Wrote Mindless Eating & SlimbyDesign. Leads famed Cornell Food & Brand Lab

Watchdogs & Food Police

CCF - The Center for Consumer Freedom
CFI - Center for Food Integrity
CFS - Center for Food Safety
CSPI - The Center for Science in the  Public Interest
HSUS - Humane Society of the United States
MFA - Mercy For Animals
PCRM - The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

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Honest Tea CEO: 'No beverage experience, but I Was thirsty'
Seth Goldman, Co-Founder and CEO, Honest Tea: "We did do a package evolution update, and I think that's certainly helped [with growth]"
Food Dive
- Goldman told Food Dive that lower-calorie drinks and supply chain transparency are two of the biggest beverage industry trends. He said that consumers are, however, shifting away from what's billed as diet. The word "diet" is often associated with sacrifice, and consumers are also concerned about diet drink ingredients, he said. Read.

Recent Study: How Food Brands Can Win Over Female Shoppers
With food continuing to be a popular topic on social for women of all ages, food marketers can distinguish themselves on social by actively engaging, encouraging more sharing and providing more ideas for them to chew on
MediaPost Communications
- According to our recent survey, the number one meal-time challenge faced by women is boredom. Yes, boredom. Not cost or lack of time. Those are lower on the list. Women are bored and their families are bored with their meals. The same survey uncovered some surprising insights about food including snacking, social media and influences on food purchases. These insights reveal opportunities for brands to step up their efforts to engage and win with female shoppers.
Food Study Key Insights:
1. Boredom (50%) is the #1 meal-time challenge faced by women, followed by varying tastes among family members (43%); cost of ingredients (42%) and lack of ideas for cooking healthy, good-tasting food (41%); conflicting schedules (30%); and lack of meal prep time (27%). Read.

Kellogg Co. to Source 100% Cage-Free Eggs by 2025
Kellogg will consider the "Five Freedoms" of animal welfare, an internationally recognized set of humane treatment principles, as part of its process to continuously improve its supply chain in the future
- As part of its ongoing dedication to corporate responsibility, Kellogg Company announced today its plans to build on its commitment to animal welfare by sourcing only cage-free eggs for its foods and eliminating gestation stalls from its pork supply chain by the end of 2025 ..... "Even though we are a grains-based company and use very few animal products in our foods, we understand that we have a role to play in influencing responsible behavior throughout our supply chain," said Paul Norman, President, Kellogg North America. "Today's announcement allows us to lead positive change in a way we know gives consumers more of what they want from brands and companies -- a strong focus on social responsibility." Read.

Video: Here’s how Campbell Soup is repositioning ‘healthy’ - CEO Denise Morrison sits down with Fortune’s Susie Gharib to talk about the company’s new website and its role in building consumer confidence ..... The 150-year-old company has started to offer organic varieties of its iconic soups and is cutting out artificial ingredients, all to convince choosy shoppers to fill their grocery carts with Campbell products. View.

Is beef jerky the next cancer stick?
From a column by Andy Flynn at Lake Placid News, on WHO's declaration that eating red meat can lead to cancer: "It’s a good thing Michael Bloomberg is no longer the mayor of New York City. This is the guy who tried to ban oversize soda in the Big Apple because of its link to the obesity epidemic. Under the ban, which was eventually rejected by the New York State Court of Appeals, sugary drinks served at restaurants, movies theaters, stadiums and arenas were limited to 16 ounces. Could you imagine him trying to limit the size of a heaping corned beef or pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Deli? He wouldn’t be safe on the streets." Read.

Around the 'Net  
The high cost of product recalls can be complex
Digital Journal - Not a day go by without a handful of recall notices being posted to the Internet or in the newspapers. The number of recalls is so numerous that the federal government has set up a special website devoted to recalls just so we can keep track of them ..... So how much does that recalled jar of peanut butter or "Easy Bake Oven" really cost? It's a heck of a lot more than what the consumer paid, that's for sure. Here's something to think about; food recalls alone cost the American economy about $7 billion every year ..... Consumers are left wondering if all the recalls are really out of safety concerns for the intended user, of just good business practices. Actually, it's a bit of both and more. Let's look at what happens when something is recalled. Read.

Beverage Industry News & Trends  
FDA orders juice manufacturer to cease operations - The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has ordered Sun Valley Juice Company of Ketchum, Idaho, to stop receiving, processing, preparing, packing, holding, and distributing juice until the agency determines that the company is in compliance with laws and regulations applicable to producing food that is safe. Sun Valley Juice Company has received a letter ordering it to cease all operations, and confirm within five days that it has complied with the letter. The company complied with those demands of the letter. The FDA has made several attempts to help the company comply with the applicable regulations before seeking the shutdown. Read.

Pumpkin mania: Businesses cashing in on fall flavor - At the Drake Diner in Des Moines, co-owner Shannon Vilmain marvels at the popularity of the restaurant's pumpkin pies with consumers who seem to go into a frenzy over the iconic fall flavor. “The pumpkin thing is huge,” Vilmain said. “It’s like, ‘Oh my God, I have to have my pumpkin pie. Are you making pumpkin pie?’ People are definitely a lot more into pumpkin.” ..... Welcome to pumpkin mania. Sales of pumpkin-flavored products increased 18 percent to $361 million during the year ended July 25 and have risen 80% since 2011 as the popular fall flavor continues to command more space in restaurants and grocery stores, according to the research firm Nielsen. Read.

Warning over spiked soda trend
Wink News - “We cannot keep up with the demand across the country and consumers are ranging from 21 years old all the way to 80 years old,” said Aaron Sosnoski of Small Town Brewery. From “spiked” root beer, to other companies which make hard soda flavors like cherry cola, orange, lemon-lime and ginger ale, industry insiders say alcoholic beverages with traditional soft drink flavors will be the trend to watch. “I think the trend toward spiked sodas, it will happen and occur for the next year or two,” predicted Brian Sudano with Beverage Marketing Corporation. Read.

Category News: Confectionery  
There Are 3 New M&M's Flavors About to Enter Our Lives and Hearts
Posted by Ana Calderone, PEOPLE Great Ideas - Thanksgiving is still weeks away but the new M&M flavors already have us singing Christmas carols. After we finally settled down after freaking out over the pumpkin-spiced latte flavor, M&M reveals three more limited-edition candies inspired by our favorite hot beverages. Though their official release date is Nov. 1, White Peppermint, Hot Chocolate and Café Mocha varieties have started popping up on Walmart and Target shelves ..... Though we’re not ready for the cold weather to set in, we still can’t wait to get our hands on these novelty candies. Read

Commentary, News & Analysis from Friends & Foes  
Why Congress Shouldn't Act on GMOs
Commentary by Baylen Linnekin (left), Reason (blog) - This month it’s become increasingly clear that political debates over GMO labeling mandates may be coming to a head. Reports suggest there will be a compromise in Congress on GMO labeling by the end of 2015. Generally, this is something that many supporters and opponents of government-mandated GMO labeling alike have wanted for some time. But both sides want far different outcomes. And the rub is that no one seems to know just what a compromise might entail. “New bipartisan life has been breathed into the national GMO labeling debate,” Farm Futures reported last week, “but many are left wondering what it could include.” When isn’t the devil in the details? Read.

Company News, Brands, New Products & Trends  
AB InBev is paying out big bucks to its shareholders
Fortune - Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer, gave an upbeat view on revenues due to higher than expected sales of premium lagers and raised its dividend even though it is primed to launch a $100 billion-plus takeover of SABMiller [this] week. The brewer of Budweiser, Stella Artois and Corona, which has a provisional agreement to buy its nearest rival, said it now believed revenue per hectolitre would grow by more than inflation, having previously said it would grow in line ..... The company retained its view that volumes would improve in the United States, its largest market, and grow in Mexico, with revenue expansion in Brazil of a mid- to high-single digit percentage. Read.

Annie's Homegrown doubles products under General Mills ownership
Minnesota Public Radio News - Annie's Homegrown natural foods more than doubled the number of new products it released since General Mills bought the company last year. General Mills acquired Annie's for an estimated $820 million in late 2014. General Mills CEO Ken Powell said the natural foods company had previously shown interest in expanding into soups, yogurt and other products. But that the company didn't have the capacity before General Mills purchased it. "With General Mills being this big company, lots of R&D resources, and manufacturing, we partner with them and all of a sudden they can get into these categories on their terms," Powell said. Read.

Coca Cola asks millennials to fight online bullying
West - Welfare Society Territory - When it comes to bullying online, young people aren’t just part of the problem; they are also the solution. This is the thinking behind a project backed by and Coca-Cola. It’s asking young people to come up with the best idea for how technology can counter what has become a huge problem. Out of hundreds of applications, 15 were selected to take part in a ‘hackathon’ in New York– an event attended by experts in different fields of IT. It generated a lot of ideas and points of view... Read.

General Mills blasts 'unprecedented' FDA added sugars proposal - General Mills said the FDA’s reliance on the DGAC report - rather than working through the established Institute of Medicine (IOM) mechanism of developing daily values for a nutrient - was “unprecedented”, while consumer research consistently showed that shoppers were confused by the new labels...“The FDA is at a pivotal juncture because these proposals represent a significant shift in their approach and establishes an important precedent for future labeling initiatives," said General Mills. "FDA nutrition labeling regulations have been based on the totality of scientific evidence, and label revisions have been proposed only after following a rigorous and established process. “However, it appears that the agency has arbitrarily moved away from this process with these latest proposals. We respectfully ask FDA to pause and take the time needed for a deep, evidenced based review through the Institute of Medicine (IOM) DRI (Daily Reference Intake) process.” Read.

Reese's has been most popular candy in America for at least a Decade
Fusion - There is one true king in American candy. For at least the past decade, Reese’s foods, owned by The Hershey Co., has had the greatest market share in the candy world of any American confection brand. In 2015 its products were collectively valued at $2.3 billion, 28% higher than runner up M&M’s (owned by Mars Inc.), according to data from industry analyst group Euromonitor. Reese’s now has 7.2% of the entire candy market share, the group says. Jared Koerten, senior food analyst Euromonitor, said Reese’s has mastered the chocolate-peanut butter flavor combination, which has subsequently become a staple of the American diet. “Peanut butter and chocolate has a special place in the American pallet,” he said. Read.

Exo Protein bar made of Cricket Flour sets the new trend for consuming insects
From a story posted by Carrie Ann at Industry Leaders Magazine: "Insect eating, referred as entomophagy is familiar in 80% of the world, with over two billion people consuming it globally. Eatable bugs comes in a variety of species, crossing 1000 types. Until now, insect eating in United States was only associated with reality shows and competitions rather than with protein bars and other snacks. But with the mushrooming success of bug-based food industries, there’s a growth in human insect consumers too. Thus, whenever there is a product in demand, there is a supply satisfy brand-new hunger for edible insects." Read.

Farmer Creek Albacore Tuna Recalled for Botulism Risk /Food Poisoning Bulletin
General Mills gives cereal boxes a 'Star Wars' makeover /KARE
Hershey Co: Hershey’s Kisses Just Totally Copied Ferrero Rocher /BuzzFeed
Jones Soda Announces Third Quarter Fiscal 2015 Earnings /Virtual-Strategy Magazine
Joseph Epstein Food Enterprises Recalls Gluten-Free Turkey Meatball Products /PR
Kraft Heinz Co. may close Avon, NY plant /Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Ocean Spray: 40th Grapefruit Harvest Underway in Florida /Business Wire (press release)
Pelmen Foods recalls uninspected beef, chicken, pork products /

Foodservice /Restaurants & Retail  
Famous Dave's Seeks A New Recipe
Twin Cities Business Magazine - When Famous Dave’s of America Inc. opened its first restaurants in the Twin Cities, the allure of barbecue smoke drew long lines of hungry customers to its restaurants. The shack-like “roadhouses” were an unlikely sight in Minnesota and quickly created a buzz. The ribs were serious business and racked up numerous awards at competitions, including “Best Barbecue Sauce in America” at the American Royal Barbecue Contest in 1995 ..... Wisps of wood smoke remain in the air, but somewhere along the line, the flavor of the original vision was lost, or perhaps ceased to evolve. [Founder “Famous” Dave Anderson] has long since left the company (he left the board in 2003) and today, the once shining example of a burgeoning restaurant IPO scene in the Twin Cities is struggling to figure out what it needs to be going forward. Read.

Starbucks delivers sales gains in 4th quarter /The Augusta Chronicle

Study claims Eating 'everything in moderation' may be bad for you
Business Standard - Contrary to popular perception, eating 'everything in moderation' may actually lead to worse metabolic health as compared to eating a smaller number of healthy foods, says a new study. "'Eat everything in moderation' has been a long-standing dietary recommendation, but without much empiric supporting evidence in populations," said study first author Marcia C de Oliveira Otto, assistant professor at The University of Texas Health Science Centre at Houston ..... "An unexpected finding was that participants with greater diversity in their diets, as measured by dissimilarity, actually had worse diet quality. They were eating less healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and more unhealthy foods, such as processed meats, desserts and soda," Otto said. "This may help explain the relationship between greater food dissimilarity and increased waist circumference," Otto explained. Read.
— Editor's Spin: What a bunch of hogwash. Then again, the 'eating in moderation' option has long been a major  impediment to the Food Police and media in this country exercising complete control over Americans' food choices, with propaganda designed to push their global vegetarian agenda. What's next, outlawing any food or beverage possessing great flavor and taste, which proves it can't possibly be good for us?  

Retail News & Trends  
A Ukrainian grocery delivery service enters the US market - will deliver online orders to consumers in Boston from a specialty food and cheese market., Ukraine’s leading online grocery delivery operator, has launched its service in Boston, under the CartFresh brand. Russo’s, a family-run market known for its fresh fruits and vegetables and cheese selection, has teamed up with the startup to expand its customer base, reports Beta Boston. The Ukrainian startup landed in Boston several months ago as a participant in the startup accelerator program Techstars. “We want to expand the best retailers to a wider geographic area,” Beta Boston quoted founder Yegor Anchishkin as saying. “We have to find the best retailer in every category.” Read.

Giant recalls two kinds of Nature's Promise Edamame /Allentown Morning Call

World Report  
France: French grocers to test rival nutrition labels - French retail body, the La Fédération des Entreprises du Commerce et de la Distribution, has unveiled its own voluntary labelling scheme, which it is planning to test by the end of the year before a full roll-out in 2016. The Systeme d’Etiquetage Nutritionnel Simplifie´ (SENS) - is based on a four-color code: green, for food that can be consumed often; blue for products eaten from-time-to-time; orange to advise shoppers to choose the lines in moderation; and purple for occasional consumption. Read.

India: Burger King eyes major push in South /Hindu Business Line

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