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Without ambition one starts nothing. Without work one finishes nothing. The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Leading Off  
Big Food Is Going Plant-Based: CEO of Sweet Earth on Why They Sold to Nestle
One Green Planet - There have been a number of exciting acquisitions and investments in the plant-based food space in the past few years. From Danone, a world-leading company that made its fortune in dairy, acquiring mega-company WhiteWave for its plant-based milk brands to Tyson, one of the world's biggest meat producers, investing in Beyond Meat, it seems that Big Food is catching on to the fact that the future of food is plant-based - and they're betting their money on it. Seeing giant food conglomerates introduce more plant-based and vegan options into their portfolios is very exciting because, frankly, our current food system is broken. Read.

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Baked by Melissa
Barry Callebaut
Ben & Jerrys
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Beyond Meat
Blakes All Natural
Blue Bell
Blue Bunny
Bolthouse Farms
Burger King
Campbell soup Co. 

Cheesecake Factory
Chiquita Brands
Churchs Chicken
Coca-Cola Co. 
ConAgra Foods
Cott Beverages
CowWow Cereal Milk
Dairy Queen
Dannon Co. 
Dean Foods
Diamond Foods
Dr Pepper snapple
Dunkin Donuts
EVOL Foods
Fage UsA
Five Guys
Flowers Foods
Foster Farms
Garden Fresh
General Mills
Good Humor
Goya Foods
Hain Celestial
Hampton Creek
Happy Egg Co.
Healthy Choice

Hershey Co. 
Hersheys Kisses
Hillshire Brands
Honest Tea
Hormel Foods
Hostess Brands
Hostess snacks
Hot Pockets
Jack Links Jerky
Jimmy Dean
JM smucker

Just Born Inc. 
Kashi Foods
Kellogg Co. 
Kona Red
Kraft Heinz Co. 
M&M Brands
McCormick spices
Michael Foods
Mondelez Intl
Moosehead Breweries
Mountain Dew
Nestle UsA
Noodles & Co. 
Orville Redenbacher
Panera Bread
PEEPs Brand
Pepperidge Farm
Pilgrims Pride
Pinnacle Foods
Pizza Hut
POM Wonderful
Popeyes Chicken
Reeses PB Cups
Republic of Tea
Rudis Organic
sams Club
shake shack
smithfield Foods
sonic Drive-In
starbucks Coffee
Taco Bell
Talking Rain
Target stores
Tyson Foods

Walmart Labs
White Castle
WhiteWave Foods
Whole Foods
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Borden Dairy
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Brown--Forman Corp
Burger King Corp. 
Campbell soup
Cheesecake Factory
Chiquita Brands
Churchs Chicken
Circle K
Coca--Cola Co. 
ConAgra Foods
ConAgra Mills
Cott Corp
CowWow Cereal Milk
Crystal Farms
Dairy Queen
Dannon Co. 
Darden Restaurants
Dean Foods
Decas Cranberry

Del Monte Foods
Diamond Foods
Dole Food Co. 
Dominos Pizza
Dr Pepper
Dr Pepper snapple
El Pollo Loco
Flowers Foods
Fortune Brands
Foster Farms
Freebird Chicken
Fresh Express
General Mills
Gerber Products
Gortons Inc. 
Goya Foods
H. J. Heinz Co. 
Hain-Celestial Grp
Healthy Choice
Hershey Co. 
Hillshire Farms
Honest Tea
Hormel Foods
Hostess Foods
HP Hood
Imperial sugar
Ito En N. America
J. M. smucker Co. 
J.R. simplot
J&J snack Foods
Jamba Juice
Jelly Belly Candy Co
Jimmy Dean
Jones soda Co
Just Born Inc
Kashi Co. 
Kellogg Co. 
Keystone Foods
Kona Red
Kraft Foods
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Land OLakes
Lays Brand
Leprino Foods
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- Amazon: Is Nordstrom Next On Amazon's Shopping List?
- GKI Foods Dark chocolate products recalled in 27 states
- Kellogg's Rx for growth
- McDonald's McCafe Seasonal Favorites Return
- Molson Coors' sales fall as US beer business struggles
- Utz's new bosses speed growth with debt, mergers, cuts
Older Consumers: Redefining Health And Wellness As They Age
Food and beverage distinctions like fresh, less processed, local and real will drive this new aging consumer with an underlying current of health and wellness impacting lifestyle choices
- The marketplace belongs to the older consumer. What? Really, it's true. While marketers crave and court the 18-to-49 demographic, the world is actually getting older. We're closing in on a milepost marker not seen in human history before: According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as we get close to 2020, the number of people 65 and older will surpass those under 5 for the first time. And we're living longer..... Speculation on how the Boomer generation is likely to reshape the American experience of aging has been lively. As with everything else they have touched, many have long surmised that Boomers are likely to transform the imagery, lifestyle and experience of old age in ways Americans are just now beginning to comprehend. So, younger generations, take notice because one day you will be the aging consumers. Read.

Bugs as Snacks Among Experts' Predicted 2018 Food Trends
Newswise (press release) - From eating bugs for protein to raising chickens in your backyard to eat their eggs, University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences experts say some food trends grow in popularity over time. Here are the food trends for 2018, as predicted by some UF/IFAS faculty: Are you bug-eyed for protein? Insects are trending as a food source and are now being termed "micro-livestock," said Rebecca Baldwin, a UF/IFAS associate professor of entomology. In fact, a chef who advocates for edible insects has attracted the attention of the Entomological Society of America and will speak to the group in Denver in November. The Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville also has sponsored a Science Cafe about sustainability, and the chef prepared mealworms in a wine reduction as a salad topper. That night, more than 60 patrons tried insects, Baldwin said. Read.

Generation Z is Creating a $5 billion Market for Fake Meat and Seafood
Business Insider - Millennials have a reputation for killing all sorts of food-related industries and products, including casual dining chains like Applebee's, cereal, light yogurt, and even beer. Meanwhile, Generation Z is shaping a billion-dollar food market. Fake meat is a fast-rising food category that could change the way we eat. It replaces animal products with alternatives made from plants that look and taste like meat, with the goal of reducing the global dependence on animal agriculture. Generation Z is embracing the trend..... According to Google Trends, public interest in a vegan diet has never been higher. Generation Z isn't the only group interested. Read.

"It is the first time we're using our characters as the voice for a cause! We've tapped our Red and Yellow spokescandies to speak up about environmental issues and show consumers that they play an important role in the fight against climate change. By lending our brand voice, we're hoping to raise awareness about the importance of renewable energy. M&M'S are fun and bright, and in a way, Red and Yellow are our own celebrities. So, it makes sense to tap into their influence to share this message..."
Berta de Pablos-Barbier, president of Mars Wrigley Confectionery U.S., quoted at Candy Industry. Read.

"In a time when heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death both in the United States and the world, we can't afford to discourage people from taking steps to improve their diets with heart-healthy ingredients. There is still evidence that shows eating soy protein can help reduce the risk of heart disease, and while we are of course disappointed that [FDA] is looking at moving the health claim for these products from 'unqualified' to 'qualified,' it's important for consumers to remember that soy protein can be an important part of a heart-healthy diet."
Ron Moore, president of the American Soybean Association... Read.
Around the Net    
Palm oil pledges are being forgotten or delayed, says environmental group
Food Dive - The Rainforest Action Network, an environmental group based in San Francisco, says that Nestlé, Mars and Hershey have all broken their commitments to quit using palm oil sourced from rainforests in their products, according to The Guardian. The group charged that the major candy and snack manufacturers have deceived consumers by promising to clean up their supply chains, but these promises have been delayed, revised or watered down for too long. Read.
Beverage Industry News & Trends       
Study: Drinking hoppy beer could lead to 'man boobs'
KFOX El Paso - It's common knowledge too much beer leads to unwanted weight gain. But what if it's not just calories adding pounds to the body? A 1999 study shows that extra-hoppy beers could cause men to develop 'man boobs.' According to the study, the more hops a beer has, the higher its amount of estrogenic activity. That's right - estrogen is found in hoppy beers, like IPAs. High estrogen levels can lead to enlarged breasts in men. Read.
Companies, Categories  & Brands    
Frito-Lay Launches New Autumn Flavor Brands
Potato Business - PepsiCo's Frito-Lay division announces new brands - the SunChips and Smartfood, offering new tasty flavors: Sweet Potato, and Rosemary & Olive Oil. When it comes to relevant fall flavors, sweet potato tops the charts as a new fan favorite - especially in veggie chips - according to a recent Mintel study, cited by Pepsico. The new limited editions are made with sweet potato, 100% whole grains and no artificial flavors or preservatives. Read.
Hershey's hopes to score 'Gold' with new candy bar - The Hershey Company has just revealed a new flavor to its candy bar offerings called "Hershey's Gold: Caramelized Creme Peanuts & Pretzels." The candy is a mix of buttery-sweet creme with crunchy bits of pretzel and peanuts. The bars are available right now at Hershey's Chocolate World locations in Hershey, Pa. and Las Vegas. They will be available nationwide starting Dec. 1st... Read.
Jolly Time: Why it's buttery microwave popcorn has stood the test of years
Food Dive - Trends come and go, but classic flavors have endured. Consumers have proven they like their chips salty, their ice cream sweet, and their popcorn butter flavored. Jolly Time's Blast O Butter has succeeded by not bowing to changing customer tastes and sticking with its bold butter recipe. If a customer wants a healthier snack, the popcorn maker offers low-calorie varieties. Eager to experiment with spice? They have a jalapeno flavor. But for those who want to take a trip down memory lane and feel like a kid in a movie theater again, there's Blast O Butter. Read.
- Kill Cliff's Launches New Endurance Sports Drink
- Saputo makes US goat cheese firm Betin latest acquisition
Entrepreneur Watch    
Red Shed Farm launches new hot sauce line
The Union of Grass Valley - Stephanie Stevens was eating spicy food before she was using a fork, according to her family story. "I love peppers. I always say that they have a lot of personality for a plant. They've got attitude, as if they know they're hot," she said. Stevens is the owner and brains behind Red Shed Farm, a new line of hot sauce she launched last Saturday at Nevada City Farmers Market. Red Shed Farm offers two hot sauces, Roasted Red Jalapeno and Roasted Green Jalapeno. Ripened longer on the plant, the red is spicier as it's richer in capsaicin, the spicy chemical found in the pits and ribs of chili peppers. The green sauce is more mellow, tangy and crisp. Read.
Foodservice Industry /News & Trends    
Is Taco Bell About to Help Yum! Brands Deliver a Good Quarter? - Taco Bell has become the bellwether for Yum! Brands, and there are signs it might help the restaurant operator post an earnings surprise yet again when it reports on Thursday. Even though the Mexican-food chain is the smallest of Yum! Brands' restaurants in terms of number of locations, with only about of third of those for Pizza Hut and KFC, it generates the second-largest amount of revenues and the second-highest operating margins. It's also the only Yum! chain reporting sales growth so far this year. Read.
- Boston Market Launches New Home Delivery Program
Product Reviews    
Taste Test: Crunchy cookie chips a tasty treat
Canton Repository - Hannah Max Cookie Chips are in a bag, not a box or a plastic sleeve. To open them, you'll need to tear off a section of the bag that says "no GMOs" and "no preservatives." These really are chips, because they're super thin and super crispy, much like a snack chip. We all seemed to think they're much like Lay's potato chips, too, because there's no way to eat just one. But the beauty here is that there's none of the distasteful aftertaste that you usually find in low-fat or light cookies or snack bars. These taste like chocolate chip cookies -- like the chocolate chip cookies you want to eat. Read.
World Report    
India: After Starbucks success, Tata Global brews tea cafe plan
Daily News & Analysis - Shortly after its joint venture partner Starbucks set up its 100th coffee store in India, Tata Global Beverages Ltd (TGBL) has announced its plans to set up a chain of tea cafes called Tata Cha. As a pilot initiative, four stores are being market tested, the tea major said on Tuesday..... The company plans to test launch a total of four pilot stores to evaluate the consumer proposition and business model. Read.
- Mexico: SweeGen and Ingredion launches next generation stevia sweetener
- UK: Here are the 10 consumer drinks trends to watch out for in 2018

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