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Great things are completed by talented people who believe they will accomplish them.
Warren Bennis

Leading Off  
Charles Barkley is so funny... and 97% right... when he says "There's no such thing as a vegetarian..." Of course, you probably don't remember the 2016 Harris Poll that claimed only 3% of Americans consider themselves fulltime vegetarians. Three-percent? As numbers go, that's like 'really tiny', and yet we are overwhelmed almost daily with articles and studies (and slews of new products) that treat vegetarianism and veganism as the mother of all trends that will cleanse the world and purify our nation's dietary agenda. I say this just as I dunk an Oreo into a glass of icy cold milk... Anyway, I'm with Barkley, you look at the numbers and it's like vegetarians, as a group, are as significant as a tick on an elephant's back. Not that there's anything wrong with being a vegetarian or vegan, if that's your thing. It's just that there are so few of you, no matter what the people who proclaim the genuine vegetarian lifestyle want us to believe.

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- Boston Beer Recovery: Is It About to Run Off the Rails?
- Chipotle's New App Makes Ordering On-the-Go Food Easier
- Evans Food Group buys pork rinds producer Gaytan
- HVMN wants to usher in a new era of human enhancement
- Tyson Says Plant Protein is Key to Food Security
- Walking Dead wine allows you to drink Rick, Daryl, and Negan
Whole Foods Market Reveals Top Food Trends for 2018
Retailer's global and local experts forecast up-and-coming flavors, products and culinary influences
-  Whole Foods Market's global buyers and experts today announced the most anticipated food trends for the year ahead. Floral flavors, functional mushrooms and root-to-stem recipes are just a few of the picks expected to take off in 2018. The seasoned trend-spotters thoughtfully compiled this list based on more than 100 years of combined experience in product sourcing and studying consumer preferences. Whole Foods Market's top 10 trends for 2018:
Floral Flavors
Foragers and culinary stars have embraced edible petals for years, but floral inspiration is finally in full bloom. From adding whole flowers and petals into dishes to infusing botanical flavors into drinks and snacks, this top trend makes for a subtly sweet taste and fresh aromatics. Look for flowers used like herbs in things like lavender lattes and rose-flavored everything. Bright pink hibiscus teas are a hot (and iced) part of the trend, while elderflower is the new MVP (most valuable petal) of cocktails and bubbly drinks... Read.

Conagra Brands Aims to Spice Up Sunflower Seeds with New Taco Bell Partnership
Food Dive - Conagra and Taco Bell are teaming up on a spicy sunflower seed product inspired by the Mexican fast-food chain, according to Food Business News. BIGS Taco Bell Taco Supreme Seeds are designed to add spicy taco flavor and crunch to fire-roasted sunflower seeds. The product, available in 2.75-ounce and 5.35-ounce package sizes, is scheduled to be in stores during the first half of next year. "The BIGS sunflower seed brand really leverages some incredible brand partnerships, with folks like Vlasic, Old Bay, Hidden Valley, etc.," Erik Havlick, co-founder of BIGS and vice-president of sales for Conagra's Thanasi Foods, told the business publication..... It's not the first time that two big companies have come together to partner on a new product. 7-Eleven and General Mills announced in September they are teaming up again to introduce the new Pillsbury Stuffed Waffle. In 2016, Hostess teamed up with Walmart to develop a frozen Deep-Fried Twinkies. Read.

Blood Sugar Management is a 'Golden Opportunity' for Foods, Beverages
FoodNavigator-USA.com - Foods designed to help manage type 2 diabetes currently often are sequestered in drugstores or low-traffic areas next to pharmacies in grocery stores, but that could change in the next five years as the extent of the disease's threat becomes better understood by American shoppers, predicts an Ingredion researcher. "We are seeing prevalence of diabetes increasing and every year there are 100,000 new cases of diabetes diagnosed in the United States, which is crazy. And pre-diabetes is growing so that one in three American adults has pre-diabetes, but 90% of these individuals don't actually know, which is also crazy,"​ Maria Stewart, clinical research lead, global nutrition R&D at Ingredeion, told FoodNavigator-USA at the Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo in Chicago last month. Read.

McDonald's Changed Its French Fries Recipe But It's No Healthier for You
NEWS.com.au - A French fries fiasco is unfolding after a glaring report showed how iconic fast food chain McDonald's f-ed up. And their reaction is anything but fast. Canadian journalist Malcolm Gladwell has revealed why McDonald's French fries don't taste as good as they once did back in the glory days, AKA the '90s. Despite McDonald's best interests for its consumers, they're left with a product that "tastes like cardboard", Gladwell said. "They made the world's greatest French Fry. Then they threw it away."..... McDonald's changed the recipe of their French fries on July 23, 1990, and it hasn't looked back... Read.

"I don't trust people. Like vegetarians. That's not a thing. Everybody likes meat... There's no such thing as a vegetarian. Nobody doesn't like meat. It's not a thing. Nobody doesn't like meat!"
Charles Barkley, quoted in a segment of NBA on TNT. Source.

"Terrified of the backlash by PETA and the like, I have been silenced. I even began to believe that -- in a land far, far away (like France or Tibet) -- vegetarians may in fact exist. But now, thanks to Charles Barkley, I can live out my truth. We can all scream it from the rooftops. Vegetarians are fake news. In the words of the great Charles Barkley, nobody doesn't like meat. Those words will forever be gilded. You can etch it into my gravestone someday. What a way to be remembered."
Excerpt from a column posted by Jena Greene at DailyCaller.com. Read.
Around the Net    
Value consumers see premium appeal in private label products: Mintel
BeverageDaily.com - While 43% of American consumers would describe their financial situation as "healthy", price still remains the most important factor in food and beverage purchases for many shoppers, according to Mintel's 2018 North American Consumer Trends report. "Tighter budgets will cause many consumers to re-evaluate whether their go-to choices are worth the cost and brands need to be able to respond accordingly,"​ Carli Gernot, Mintel manager of trends for North America, said. Read.
- Meat Industry Not Pleased with New San Francisco Ordinance
- Research Suggests that One of 2018's Biggest Trends Will Be Vegan Eating
Beverage Industry News & Trends       
Three cups of coffee a day may help people live longer
DeathRattleSports.com - Three cups of coffee a day may help people with chronic kidney disease live longer, new research suggests. A study that followed more than 2,300 patients for 12 years found those who drank plenty of the beverage slashed their risk of dying by a quarter. One or two cups also increased the participants chances of survival by 12 and 22 per cent, respectively, compared to those who never touched it. Read.
Make way for marijuana beverages
Foodprocessing - Edible and drinkable cannabis is expected to become legal in 2019 in Canada, and both recreational and medical uses of marijuana are becoming increasingly legalised in states across America, which could open up a market with huge growth potential. According to GlobalData, the increasing access to the drug has driven investment in the marijuana market. Read.
Companies, Categories  & Brands    
Coca-Cola's Next Big Bet May Be Spiffing Up Your Cocktail Mixers
ESM - The European Supermarket Magazine - Drinkers are upgrading the tonic in their gin and tonic, and Coca-Cola wants in. Expanding beyond the carbonated soft drinks that made it famous, Coke is looking to acquire beverages that jibe better with modern consumer preferences. Chief Executive Officer James Quincey has said it must become bigger than its namesake brand to become a "total beverage company." And he's singled out a segment that looks promising: mixers. Read.
Kettle Chips, Known For Trendy Flavors, Looks Back - And Forward
Forbes - Sea Salt and Vinegar. Sriracha. Dill Pickle. Ask a fan of Kettle Chips to list their favorite flavors, and the names come out in a rush. The Portland, Oregon, potato chip maker, loved by college students and foodies alike, is winding up a big contest on Monday to celebrate its 35th birthday. (You can find details here.) Kettle Chips, owned by the snack giant Snyder's Lance, has re-issued the retro packaging for some of its flavors, even as it keeps introducing new ones. Read.
Nestle: DiGiorno trash talks about rival Papa John's on Twitter
Food Dive - Nestle's DiGiorno took to Twitter last week to criticize competitor Papa John's slipping sales, according to CNBC. Papa John's founder, John Schnatter, blamed his company's falling sales on athletes kneeling during the national anthem at National Football League games (Papa John's is the official pizza company of the NFL). DiGiorno touted its increasing sales in multiple tweets, along with "Better Pizza. Better Sales," a clear dig at Papa John's, whose famous tagline is "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza." Read.
- Apres Launches Premium Plant-Based Protein Drink
- Innophos Acquires NutraGenesis To Complement Branded Food Portfolio
- True Drinks Announces Exploration of Strategic Alternatives
Consumer Culture, News & Trends    
Should grocers offer dietitians' services to shoppers?
SmartBrief - Consumers are growing increasingly interested in clean-label eating, and grocers are responding by providing a wider array of healthy offerings. Some supermarket chains have gone a step further by bringing dietitians into stores to give customers tailored nutritional advice..... "Having an on-site dietitian is a great way to support the public in reaching their health goals," Tepper says. "Having an expert in the field to help guide customers takes out the guess work and allows people to take nutrition recommendations and apply them to real life through food purchasing..." Read.
Dairy Industry News & Trends    
Labeling milk non-GMO baffles experts
Northwest Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - Clover Sonoma dairy has long cultivated an image as an unconventional alternative for trend-conscious foodies in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Petaluma, Calif., processor was among the first dairies to ban growth hormones -- now virtually absent from the national dairy herd..... So it may have been fitting that Clover Sonoma jumped into the accelerating trend of labeling products as free of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs -- which some consumers fear could cause health and environmental damage -- even though a modified organism eaten by a cow wouldn't show up in the company's milk anyway. Read.
Flavors & Ingredients    
A cell hookup helps the tongue tell sweet from sour
Science News for Students - When a flavor hits the tongue, it activates a taste cell -- for sweet, salty, bitter, sour or umami (savory). That taste cell then passes the delicious message on to a brain cell so your brain knows whether the mouth is tasting cake or steak. When those taste cells die -- and they do -- new ones take their place. How do those new cells find the right brain connections without getting mixed up? They send a specific, irresistible chemical summons, a new study shows. Your tongue is a constantly changing landscape. Read.
Foodservice Industry /News & Trends    
Calorie Counts on Menus Make a Difference
Lab Manager Magazine - One the most comprehensive pieces of research into the impact of displaying calories on menus reveals it not only influences consumers to make lower calorie choices but also encourages retailers to provide lower calorie options. The research confirms the move that has been made in Australia towards, and supports a push in the United States, for greater disclosure of calorie...information on menus at fast-food outlets and restaurant chains. Read.
World Report    
China: Here's a peek at Wal-Mart's plan to trace food from farms to store shelves
South China Morning Post - Armed with little more than their smartphones, Chinese shoppers may soon be able to trace the entire supply chain of the food they buy, from farm to store, by simply scanning quick-response codes, thanks to a blockchain technology-enabled food traceability solutions being developed by Walmart, the world's largest retailer..... The company has a 400-strong network of stores across the mainland, is "in active conversation to accelerate the progress" of using blockchain - the technology behind bitcoin - to trace the genuine origins of its food products after holding a successful pilot project in the country... Read.
Mexico: Study finds horse DNA in 10 percent of meat dishes
Phys.Org - A study in Mexico has found horse DNA in almost 10 percent of the ground beef and meat dishes served or sold in public markets, butcher shops, street stalls and taco stands in five Mexican cities..... The highest percentage of horse DNA was found in ground beef sold at stalls, street markets or food stands, although less than 1 percent of vendors acknowledged selling horse meat. Horse DNA was not found in supermarket meat. Read.
Philippines: San Miguel to merge food, beverage businesses
Rappler - San Miguel Corp., the country's most diversified conglomerate, is set to consolidate all of its food and beverage businesses under one unit through a P336.35-billion share swap deal..... San Miguel Pure Foods' primary purpose will then be expanded to engagement in the alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage business. This is in line with the conglomerate's consolidation of its traditional businesses. Read.
- China: Mintel shares the five key consumer trends in 2018
- India: Cargill to invest $240m in India business
- UK: Top brand's social media customer experience 'getting worse'
- UK: The fight against obesity: To tax or not to tax?

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