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If you want to make enemies, try to change something.
Woodrow Wilson

Leading Off  
The Anti-GMO Movement Has A Social Justice Problem
Forbes - An acronym that conjures specters like pesticides, cancer, obesity, the transformation of life forms into intellectual property, and corporate control of food and politics, GMO has become a metaphor for perceived and real flaws in our food system. But not only is the term "Genetically Modified Organism" scientifically meaningless, the movement against so-called GMOs helps perpetuate injustice, from sexism to food insecurity. These injustices aren't as obvious as they may seem--sometimes it isn't the opposition to GMOs perpetuating inequity--it's the existence of the fabricated "GMO" category itself. As a food science and agriculture geek, shopping for groceries always elicits a few eye rolls and expletives muttered under my breath. From "no artificial flavors" to "made with real sugar," buzzword labels that tell consumers nothing meaningful about nutrition, environmental impacts and safety are plastered all over our food supply. Read.

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- Barilla launches venture capital fund and innovation hub
- Jack Link's opens first brick-and-mortar store in Minneapolis
- PepsiCo: How Frito-Lay is making its products healthier
- Post returns to profitability in fiscal 2017
- YO! Acquires Leading North American Sushi Brand Bento Sushi
UK Profressor: 'Food Firms Should Better Exploit Consumer Senses of Smell, Sight, Sound and Touch'
FoodManufacture.co.uk - Food and drink firms need to better exploit consumers' senses - including smell, sight, sound and touch - in their new product development (NPD) if they are to tempt them towards new taste experiences and reformulated products, a leading pioneer of 'gastrophysics' has disclosed. Companies should be tapping into the emerging field of "senseploration"​, where people's flavour experience is investigated, according to Professor Charles Spence, head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory at the Department for Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford. "It can't be just about what's on the plate, it's got to be the total experience,"​ said Spence..... While senseploration is being increasingly used by restaurants - changing colours, background music and tactile experiences to alter the perception of the food and drink being consumed - opportunities also exist for its use in retail, said Spence. Read.

Walmart is Creating Totally New Kinds of Food in a Secret Laboratory to Compete with Amazon
Business Insider - Walmart is creating new fruits and vegetables to better compete with Amazon. The retailer has invented a cantaloupe called Sweet Spark that stays sweet year-round, tomatoes that can ship long distances without rotting, and a yellow-skinned watermelon with a consistently "unbelievable" flavor, NPR's Julia Dewitt reports. The fruits and vegetables are grown from seeds in a "secret" laboratory at Walmart's headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, according to NPR's report. Walmart has also experimented with new food pairings in the lab, including birthday cake flavored oatmeal and fruit punch flavored pickles, which the company named Tropickles. Read.

Clearing Up the Confusion About Salt
New York Times - If you're confused about salt, I'm not surprised. There's been a steady back-and-forth on claims that reducing dietary sodium (which represents 40 percent of the salt molecule) is crucial to our well-being, countered by claims that following this advice can sometimes be a health hazard. While some studies have concluded that only people with hypertension on high-salt diets need to reduce salt intake, the overwhelming strength of scientific findings bolsters advice from major health organizations that most Americans should cut back on sodium for the sake of their health. Excess sodium is responsible for most cases of hypertension in Western societies, and hypertension is a leading risk factor for heart attacks, strokes and kidney failure. Read.
Around the Net    
5 Brands Shaking Up the Grocery Industry by Changing What We Choose to Eat and How We Buy Food
Adweek - In June, Chai Mishra launched Movebutter, a small online grocery store with 300 products that promised shoppers more curated and high-quality choices than major grocery stores, which stock as many as 50,000. A month and a half later, the company had a waiting list of 120,000 people who wanted to place orders on its website. Movebutter is one of dozens of grocery and food brands aiming to grab their own chunk of the $627 billion Americans spent last year on groceries, per YouGov. Online grocers accounted for $12 billion of those sales, and 27 percent of U.S. adults said they've shopped from an online supermarket... Read.
- Big Food's Big Climate Cost
Beverage Industry News & Trends       
Sugary drinks linked to reduced DNA protection in Latino preschoolers
Medical Xpress - Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages by children between 2 and 3 years of age has been linked to shorter telomeres in a new, preliminary study by researchers from UC San Francisco. The study raises concerns, the researchers say, that if this early-life exposure affects the length of telomeres--the protective end caps for DNA within cells' chromosomes--it may also affect risk for chronic illnesses later in life. Read.
- Could marijuana cause the beer industry's buzz to wane?
- Poll shows more than half of Arizonans would support tax on soda
- Sugar Sweetened Drinks Fall in Popularity
Category Snapshot: Fruit     
Why you love Honeycrisp apples, hate Red Delicious
Wisconsin State Farmer - Ask any American to name their favorite kind of apple and the answer is likely to come quickly and with capital letters. Maybe Granny Smith or Fuji. Perhaps a hipper Pink Lady or even a SnapDragon. Pose the same question about, say, bananas and you might get a, "Um, yellow?" in response. The lunchbox staple, as all-American as the pie that bears its name, is more than a simple fruit. It's a marketing marvel, the result of a decades-long campaign to transform preferences with the goal of making money grow on trees. Read.
- Designer fruit is the future
Category Snapshot: Snack Foods     
New snacks bring plant-based trend to the center of the store
SmartBrief - A desire to eat more fruits, vegetables and other plant-based foods has been driving US consumers to shop the perimeter of the store in search of fresh options, but a growing category of packaged snacks is bringing the trend to the center aisles. Food brands are introducing new packaged crackers, chips and other snacks with a focus on nutrition and helping shoppers increase their plant intake. Consumers' efforts to eat more vegetables are driven by several factors, including the superior sustainability of plant-based foods over animal proteins and the health benefits of a plant-forward diet... Read.
Commentary & Analysis    
The Coke or Pepsi debate continues
Column posted by Dwight Williamson at Williamson Daily News - Although Pepsi was originally introduced as "Brad's Drink" when it was created in 1893 at a North Carolina drug store, Coke was invented at a Georgia drug store by yet another pharmacist in 1886 and was incorporated as the Coca-Cola Company in 1892. Both Pepsi and Coca-Cola originally sold only the syrup concentrate, which was sold to various bottling companies in North America. Nearly all individually owned bottling companies, including Pepsi and Coke in Logan, were eventually sold to the giant corporations. Read.
Companies, Categories  & Brands    
SlimFast Launches New Advanced Energy Shakes and Smoothie Mix
PRNewswire - Famous for its easy-to-follow diet plan, and for helping millions of Americans lose weight and keep it off for the past 40 years, SlimFast will introduce Advanced Energy with a new exciting TV commercial. New SlimFast Advanced Energy, with its creamy texture and energy-boosting punch, contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and packs in 20g of protein, 24 vitamins and minerals, and 5g of fiber. With only 1g of sugar and 1 net carb, dieters will be delighted with a choice of delicious flavors like Mocha Cappuccino, Caramel Latte, Vanilla, and Rich Chocolate. Read.
Tyson Foods to Expand Chicken Production in Tennessee
Nasdaq - Tyson Foods has accepted the invitation of city, county and state leaders to build a new chicken production complex in the City of Humboldt, which is part of Gibson County in western Tennessee..... The $300 million project is expected to create more than 1,500 local jobs once the new complex begins operations in late 2019 and will help the company meet strong consumer demand for its chicken. Read.
- Green Cuisine Recalls Poultry Products
Consumer Culture, News & Trends    
Survey: More people are opting for Thanksgiving take-out, restaurant dinners
PhillyVoice.com - As more and more restaurants and grocery stores offer alternative Thanksgiving options, some consumers are gravitating toward nixing the traditional home-cooked Thanksgiving feast in return for something less time consuming and panic-inducing. In the Philadelphia area alone, dozens of restaurants are offering dine in and dine out Thanksgiving packages, from smoked Fette Sau turkey to carry away feasts at Whole Foods. Read.
Foodservice Industry /News & Trends    
New Ways for Restaurants to Thrive in the Mall Food Court
QSR magazine (press release) - For many of us, the food court was the first place to go in a mall. Right in the middle of bustling big box anchors and niche stores filled with everything from menswear to kids' toys, the cool kids gathered in an epicenter of quick-service restaurants to see and be seen. Today, those fast times at Ridgemont High have slowed to a crawl as the built-in foot traffic dwindles... Read.
- California Tortilla Inks Deal to Debut in North Carolina
Product Reviews    
We tried Oreo-flavored candy canes ... and they don't taste like Oreos
Review posted by Tracy Saelinger at Today.com - There's no shortage of wacky Oreo flavors on the market. But maybe the snack giant is out of cookie flavors (for now) because they're moving into the candy cane market this holiday season. Not to be confused with candy-cane flavored Oreo cookies (yes, those exist), these are actual striped candy canes, that supposedly taste like the cookies and cream flavor of an original cookie. In the name of research, I broke with my pre-Thanksgiving detox to give them a try. Read.
World Report    
Canada: Loblaw the latest to experience the 'Amazon effect'
The Globe and Mail - Loblaw is the latest grocer to commit to offering home delivery. Starting in December, the No. 1 food retailer in Canada is looking at deploying this strategy from coast to coast. It intends to deliver food at home, for a fee of course - an ambitious plan indeed. After spending millions of dollars making many of its stores into cathedrals of food, such as Maple Leaf Gardens, serving up President's Choice in people's homes now seems to be good enough. But, basically, Loblaw is just the latest grocer to realize that the socioeconomic fundamentals that have supported large big-box stores are weakening rapidly. Read.
India: Pepsi to introduce cola in glass bottles that don't need to be returned
Livemint - After shifting its focus to healthier products, PepsiCo India Holdings Pvt. Ltd has turned to a healthier option in packaging. The local arm of American food and beverages company PepsiCo Inc. has introduced non-returnable glass bottle with a twist-and-turn cap for Pepsi Black, a zero-calorie carbonated beverage. This is first time a carbonated beverage maker is selling cola in glass bottles that consumers do not need to return at the point of sale. Read.
- China: Alibaba takes $2.9 billion stake in food retailer
- India: Coke to launch first variant of Thums Up in 4 decades
- Philippines: For some, 'sweet tax' leaves sour aftertaste
- UK: Why celebrity names stack up in the restaurant business

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